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  1. RWI - Banned

    I think you shot yourself in the foot, not so much with the PP dispute (although I can understand that that may be against a forum's rules...) butwhen you looked into repair rather than return after PP said to send it back for a refund, as TB might've felt you were trying to shift the situation to 'have your cake and eat it' (although I can understand why you would prefer to keep the watch and have it repaired than send it back) I think this is just an unfortunate series of events, but you're clearly not a bad guy, and I hope the situation gets resolved for you
  2. November 19 2014

    Looking good As a possible alternative, I would suggest a Tropic-style strap... The drainage/ventilation holes make them much more comfortable than 'flat rubber', the basket-weave texture looks great, and the thickness of the sides makes them the perfect complement to a Sub case (as indeed, that was an original sale option)
  3. Finer Labels (Ben and TrustyTime) Review

    And people ask me why I don't trust Cartel Dealers and refused to buy from them... Looks like Andrew's done a bang up job in teaching his 'brother' the 'family business: @charles0382: Sorry to read you've had such an experience, but thankyou for such a detailed and irrefuteable review, the photos speak for themselves, and although the issues you point to may be acceptable to some, it shows that Bait and Switch sales are still part of the 'Trusted Dealer's practices... I hope you get a satisfactory resolution [Edit to add] As above, KB is The Man when it comes to bags and such things
  4. Another scammer in our midst?

    Sorry to hear, but that needs a naming. Keeping his name private may be the gentlemanly thing to do, but it also puts others at risk from similar transactions because they do not know who to avoid... If the member is indeed kosher and has legitimate reasons, they will be able to vindicate themself and no one will hold it against them, but as before, if no one knows who they are and they are a scammer... forum protection only works if we know who we're being protected from... I hope you can get everything resolved...
  5. *shrug* I'm still as happy with my budget 21js as I was the day I got them (and they did not fall apart after two weeks wear ) I'm also, after a year, still as in love with my 1665 as the day it arrived. Sure, it likely has numerous tells, but I really don't care... It was a birthday present and cost about the same as the original would have cost when Rolex first released it Transforming it into a 'period accurate' franken is something which simply doesn't interest me, as I'm happy with it 'as is'... When it arrived, I did install a Yuki pearl, and lightly weathered the case to give it a 'weathered by recently serviced' kind of feel, but didn't want to go any further with the wabi as I have on some previous projects, and this feels right to me... As with everything, TEHO
  6. November 19 2014

    Wearing my 1665 and a hand-made (by me) yukata
  7. New wrist-check 11/10 ~ 11/17

    My birthday present from last year... Other than a few hours wearing a DJ at a few events, it's not been off my wrist since it arrived (and during the summer, I wore it on a Tropic-style strap
  8. How do you smell?

    So since this thread began, I've upped my game a little. The only scent I now wear, is from an amazing frankincense and leather soap and eau de parfum of the same blend. It's subtle, masculine, and elegant
  9. Has there been a bust/clampdown?

    Ahh, that makes sense, thanks for clarifying
  10. It's been a while since I posted or visited the forum, so I know I'm pretty out of touch, but the other day I was looking through a few TD sites, and noticed a massive reduction in range from before, and in one instance (the newly renamed WatchEden site) all 'the good stuff' seemed to be gone (ie no massive selection of Subs and SDs) and replaced with mostly fantasy stuff... I checked out another (Andrew or Josh, I forget which) and found a similar reduction... Was there some kind of clampdown or raids on the factories which has resulted in this reduced selection? I remember a while back someone observed that we were living in the Golden Age of reps, has that time indeed passed?
  11. Damn, I'm really sorry to hear that Thoughts and prayers to you and your family
  12. I loved the re-released Tudor Ranger, but was rather disappointed by the new Cellini line... Sure, they were beautiful watches, but I felt there was nothing about them (other than brand marking, of course) which really said they were 'Rolex Watches'... The DSSD might be an over-sized monstrosity (IMHO), but it's still clearly a Rolex... The Sky-Dweller is crazy money, and maybe a little overly complicated for my taste, but again, still clearly recognisable as part of the Rolex Family... The new Cellini line, however, had the dial been marked Patek Phillippe or Vacheron Constantin, I would equally not have argued, and accepted them 'as offered'. Did anyone else feel Rolex somewhat missed the target with those?
  13. not bad for eleven bucks on ebay

    Nice result
  14. What a difference a year makes...

    I was well and truly shipwrecked this time last year, spent the majority of it drifting by day to day, but eventually, the circumstances fell into place for me to have my own studio, so I jumped at the chance, and even though I'm waiting for word of mouth to spread and a reliable client base to build, I know it's just a matter of time and letting things build momentum