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  1. Hope everyone is doing well during this times. Been a bunch of years since I have been on this forum. Its crasy times now A little pun for the older crowd in here.
  2. Nice looking forward to a side by side here to.
  3. Admin

    Happy Birthday Dani!

  4. Very nice watch, great shot. where is the dealer based ?
  5. Australia is like Norway a BAN everything country, and [censored] all personal freedom, its such a shame..
  6. Admin

    Happy Birthday Dani!

  7. in my country its sold out, with 30 on list..Others are in stock like pelagos, damn this is popular the black bay..
  8. Nice pic, with a FF that would be even more nice I shoot film so cant show any from today
  9. haha, i remeber I got the org rwg watch, that is long time ago..this is crasy..
  10. who is it ? share his detalis..I am sure If he is in the wrong country this can be resolved..
  11. Thanks bro, ill check them up, its just on dealers site their is 100's of each an everyone says newest best version etc etc, and when you been out from reps for sometime ist hard to find correct one..
  12. Hi all, I am thinking of buying myself a gift after a summer with lots of hard work under extreme bad weather where I live that sucks so bad that I dont even have words to use.. I love the design of this models under here Explorer 2 GMT Submariner date It does not need to pass a TZ test, but it needs to be accurate to a level that a normal watch interested person cant spot it just by handling it.. Any suggestion ? Hope everyone that I know here and all others have had/will have a great summer Cheers, Dani
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