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  1. Rubber ball? With a two-piece caseback construction? Does not make sense.... someone correct me if i am wrong but i don't think you can do it that way on this particular watch....
  2. I understand the hands match the movement... I already have a 1570, hence my seeking some less pricier option for hands... i guess i didn't ask my original question well... My concern would be matching the dial aesthetically... I purchased Clark hands just to take a look and lumi hands on a non glowing dial just doesn't do it for me... i know all service replacement hands now are lumi, but what would be an inexpensive option to give a dead tritium look on a 1570 movement?
  3. Are there any decent options for hands to go along with an ingod 1665 rail dial... This is my last piece of the puzzle before I can have it all built... obviously gen hands will work but I could use a cheaper replacement after making the mistake of adding up the price of my build so far... If I have to bite the bullet and buy gen hands I will... but an alternative would be appreciated...
  4. got my QC pics this morning too... it's a nice piece...
  5. Typically rep watches are used in the filming of a movie unless there is a product placement deal or the actor/actress actually owns the piece... why? an actor may do 2-5 scenes in a day.... so, the actor may be taking off and on the piece and it may have to hang around on the set... a genuine watch, a Daytona in this case, could be stolen by one of the 100 or so people milling around (shooting crew, extras, service, catering, etc).... but a rep won't be... Remember the ebay auction a couple of years ago for The Rock's fake PAM in the Gridiron Gang movie? Also, I believe Turtle from Entourage was wearing a rep PAM this season... f
  6. With blue lume, it will appear green at times when not fully charged.... I have a gen DSSD and it is the same with it....
  7. Lanikai had a question and I answered it... although he is not on staff, he is a very respected member of RWG and I am sure he felt it was warranted to ask... it was done with the same amount of class as everything else he does and now that an answer has been made, we can move on... What effects the community matters to everyone... I would agree that discussion of how a staff of another board treated a situation should not be tolerated out of respect for that which may not be known... but this was not the case here...
  8. No one alerted me to this thread and I stumbled upon it.... The fact that I can be accused of impropriety after over 3 years as a staff member on an RWI board is precisely one of the reasons I left my position as chief admin of RWI... Proceeds of the raffles went to RWI...it is odd to me that I held 6-7 of these raffles including one for a 005 that was not mine for about the same cost and there was no issue with that one... it did not become an issue until the watch in question was mine... I take that as a personal attack because I can't see it any other way... As for my reasoning of leaving, I don't really feel a need to justify it, but I will tell you that it has to do with betrayal by other members of staff... I know nothing about why RWI is down as they decided to change servers after my resignation... I ceased any relationship with D4M on the day of my resignation and have not talked to him since the morning of it... I got a call from one of the staffmembers yesterday with regards to this yesterday... and between this and that, I am quite sad... three years of service and this is how I go out...
  9. Mine is about to come in.... should be in customs right about now...
  10. You know, I dream of waking up one day and seeing a nice Scuba available... why this hasn't been done I have no idea... All the ROO case goodness without the messy secs @12 movement...
  11. What a failure... I asked my friend to e-mail me the pics of the macros of my dial taken during the shooting to the ap roo gen vs rep shots (in the sticky thread) and he sent me the above... i didn't even look to verify... the above pic is the gen... how embarassing...
  12. Here's how the dial of the Black Themes secs @12 looks in a macro shot... The problem is that the lume is raised instead of flat like the gen.... you only get this effect in certain lights... I don't think anything can be done but I am curious if there is a solution.... the navy's surrounds are amazing in comparison to the themes....
  13. Need some help guys... I have a Black Themes that I love except the lume is killing me... it looks like there are "steel" surrounds with lume over them.... i see a reflection at certain angles but not all... Am I crazy or is this what is going on? Is it just a case of lume overflow covering the top part of the "steel" or am I just imagining it.... I wonder if the master can remove the lume overflow, if that is the case, and what the markers would look like after lume removal... I figured someone else must have already tried it so please let me know! Thanks everyone!
  14. Those are actually mine.... I couldn't be bothered to change straps anymore....
  15. Was searching for something on Bell and Ross and came across this thread... thought I would throw up a wrist-shot of my gen 000 that was DLC'ed by avitt.... wearing it today but on a GSD Crazy Horse I...