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  1. You’ll have to knock on someone else door for one of these I have consolidated my PAM collection for the moment and there will be no movements out. Incoming pieces are always welcome but there is nothing interesting for me that is currently being offered on the market.
  2. Some changes in the collection happened (in/out + a bunch of new straps was added) and it was a good time to make a new group photo
  3. Thank you for your kind words. It’s difficult to make something different than what we usually see (wristshots), I try sometimes to make something different like this for example
  4. My ups and downs were ~10 years ago when I downsized my collection from 30pcs to just a few. Kept the 027/028/029 and some other “old school” stuff. I fully understand why you miss the 61d
  5. It’s always nice to remember how it all started. For me it was a cheap PAM029 21j asian auto mvt from Joshua/Perfect Clones. I sold later that watch to a good friend of mine that still has it while I upgraded later to a 029 with ET2893-2 from Eddie Lee (sold that one as well and went for a Noob V2 that I still have in my collection).
  6. Tnx!! I’m doing my best to increase the collection furthermore, have another 15pcs on the way
  7. thank you I’m a RepPaneristi You’re welcome, glad to see you guys enjoying the hobby as well Thank you!
  8. It was love at the 1st sight back when I saw them for the 1st time in the ad of one magazine. After that the whole history of the brand and once I bought the 1st rep (from Joshua) I was bitten by the bug
  9. It would be a really long thread if I was to write the complete story and people don’t like to read a lot as far as I have seen on the various forums. I can say that in the collection there are some references that are considered rare these days, some of them have been running without any issues for 10+ years. Some are franken, there’s a gen one as well in the photo. One of the funnier stories is about the PAM202 that I bought from a gen forum (!). They all came from different corners of the world, from dealers and members. It’s been a long and nice adventure collecting all of them.
  10. If you wouldn't love to hear more than I won't say anything more about them
  11. Well, well, well,... Many familiar names in this thread which is a pleasure to see/read. 14+ years on the forum for me, it used to be "the place" where I spent most of my time regarding rep watch hobby, these days it's only RWI. More or less it is 16 years that I am in this hobby, except for 2 yrs period off, and I am still enjoying. I remember the forums that were before this one and the stories which led to their breakdown. Had a period off the forum(s) because of some personal reasons when I even sold most of my collection and kept only some of the "gems" w
  12. I have it however I am not interested in selling mine. Recently XF factory made another run of these and they are ready and available to be ordered from the TD of your choice.
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