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  1. Thank you! It takes time to take them all out from the display, place them with a certain order and finally shoot a photo that gives the satisfying result,...it's more or less 2h of work Thank you.. Yes, the 6152/1 has an Angelus SF240 inside. There are two more that are fitted with the cortebert 616 movement (3646 & 6154). A couple of frankens can be found (024, 057,...) and I have left out the gen from this photo, they have their own place I really cannot pick one from the whole lot and say that it's my fav., for sure the Submersible family (44mm/47mm) is what I wear the most.
  2. You’ll have to knock on someone else door for one of these I have consolidated my PAM collection for the moment and there will be no movements out. Incoming pieces are always welcome but there is nothing interesting for me that is currently being offered on the market.
  3. Some changes in the collection happened (in/out + a bunch of new straps was added) and it was a good time to make a new group photo
  4. Thank you for your kind words. It’s difficult to make something different than what we usually see (wristshots), I try sometimes to make something different like this for example
  5. My ups and downs were ~10 years ago when I downsized my collection from 30pcs to just a few. Kept the 027/028/029 and some other “old school” stuff. I fully understand why you miss the 61d
  6. It’s always nice to remember how it all started. For me it was a cheap PAM029 21j asian auto mvt from Joshua/Perfect Clones. I sold later that watch to a good friend of mine that still has it while I upgraded later to a 029 with ET2893-2 from Eddie Lee (sold that one as well and went for a Noob V2 that I still have in my collection).
  7. Tnx!! I’m doing my best to increase the collection furthermore, have another 15pcs on the way
  8. thank you I’m a RepPaneristi You’re welcome, glad to see you guys enjoying the hobby as well Thank you!
  9. It was love at the 1st sight back when I saw them for the 1st time in the ad of one magazine. After that the whole history of the brand and once I bought the 1st rep (from Joshua) I was bitten by the bug
  10. It would be a really long thread if I was to write the complete story and people don’t like to read a lot as far as I have seen on the various forums. I can say that in the collection there are some references that are considered rare these days, some of them have been running without any issues for 10+ years. Some are franken, there’s a gen one as well in the photo. One of the funnier stories is about the PAM202 that I bought from a gen forum (!). They all came from different corners of the world, from dealers and members. It’s been a long and nice adventure collecting all of them. There are even pieces I sold and bought back, we all make some mistakes. Favorite references? Impossible to mention just one, love them all. Maybe my heart beats faster when I hold in hands or on the wrist one of the custom made VDB vinatge PAM with Angelus SF240 movement or Cortebert 616. Maybe it is one of the old school EL 027/028. Maybe it’s one of the submersible PAM 064-087-187-202-225-243,..as you can see I could go on and on. I simply fell in love with the brand and hobby and went on this journey to collect what I have collected so far. Good news is that I have more on the way and will keep collecting as long as they put a smile on my face. Grazie!
  11. If you wouldn't love to hear more than I won't say anything more about them
  12. Well, well, well,... Many familiar names in this thread which is a pleasure to see/read. 14+ years on the forum for me, it used to be "the place" where I spent most of my time regarding rep watch hobby, these days it's only RWI. More or less it is 16 years that I am in this hobby, except for 2 yrs period off, and I am still enjoying. I remember the forums that were before this one and the stories which led to their breakdown. Had a period off the forum(s) because of some personal reasons when I even sold most of my collection and kept only some of the "gems" which are part of the watch rep history such as PAM027-PAM028-PAM029 from EL and Honpo plus some others such as custom built vintage PAMs by VDB and some other pcs.. I was always a big Panerai fan and still keep collecting them. Today I have a collection of ~120 pcs. out of which 75 are PAMs (please don't judge my addiction LOL) and I try to dig some old pieces from members that don't need/use them anymore and buy them for my collection. I remember some guys that were more active in the Panerai section as Kostas/Veni12(V), Tourby, FGD, Rolli, Palpatine & some others that back in the days were one of the 1st members doing some personal projects in order to improve the looks of the reps that were avail. back then. From custom made dials, crowns, crown guards, cyclops,..this days 99,9% is ready made by our chinese friends (PAM related) and mostly stock pieces are avail., even the gen parts are not accessible in the extent they were to be found in the past. Pity there is not a lot of activity in here since the since this place has always exuded a positive and friendly atmosphere. I'll be around with my daily check in to see if there is something new in here. If anybody wants to reach me related to some old school PAM, please do. I'll be happy to have a chat..
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