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  1. You guys are the best! Thanks!
  2. Will Gen crown/tube work with a7750 or just swiss? I just found one of those too.
  3. Thanks Superposter! I found a gen dial I may get too, but will it work on a7750 or just the swiss version?
  4. I'm in CONUS, but open to EU depending on what can be done
  5. Hi Guys, I recently got a rep 3717 to see if I'd like it, but now want to put a swiss 7750 in it. I'm looking for a modder to do the work. I saw some mention of Concepta, but don't know how to contact him or even if he's still making those mods. Anybody have any leads or suggestions?
  6. Happy Birthday Zurks!

  7. Happy Birthday Zurks!

  8. Happy Birthday Zurks!

  9. Any rep sellers out there with any in stock?
  10. Happy Birthday Zurks!

  11. Welcome to the forums Zurks :)

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