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  1. jeff g


    Thanks. Certainly NOT a legend, but always enjoyed interacting with the boys (and the girl's) in the band, back in the early days of RWG.
  2. Well it looks like the last time I visited was 2016. Nice to see there are some (many) older members still around. Hi to many old friends. It's been a long time since purchasing anything from TD here, but I have many wonderful memories of spending time over the years on this great forum. Ciao, for now !
  3. I am interested in purchasing a ss Santos 100 with ss bracelet. Any members have one for sale?
  4. I recently sent a couple of reps to a rwg member for some service work. His handle is: misiekped His pricing was fair and the work was excellent. Always nice to have a current member that has the skills, and can be trusted. FYI.
  5. Very nice watch. The most readable of all Daytona's IMO. Wear it well.
  6. Very nice review. Beautiful watch. Wear it well.
  7. Great project. Beautiful watch. I had one just like it, sent off to a guy on the forum to service the Asian movement and never saw the watch again. Let the buyer beware. Wear it well. I envy you.
  8. IMO, AP is the most beautiful watch on the planet. RO or ROO. What a great thread. Beautiful photos. The fact that these are reps makes this thread even more amazing. Thanks to all contributors.
  9. I was very happy to see the Santos, and the Royal Oak on this list. Without a doubt two classic wristwatches. The Reverso also is deserving. Missing for me...the SeaMaster Pro. Good Action, nice list.
  10. Yessir, Currently own 22 watches. At one time owned 30(+).??? I wear perhaps 4 or 5 of them on a regular basis. On the other hand most of the 22 I own, I would not, or could not sell. HAD to have a few of them, but once owned, rarely worn. Trying on a watch you admire at an AD is a good idea. Looking at them on your own wrist can help a great deal. Doesn't make any difference if you can afford the gen, or whether it's appropriate for you to wear a 25,000.00 watch. It is more about what makes you feel good. For the most part no one cares, or is even aware of what's on your wr
  11. Best to all of you. We are blessed.
  12. Funny you should ask...YES Klink is still kicking around. Thank god. Talk about a classic. THESE are the good ol' days.
  13. The original major posters over the years at TRC were the original major posters here at the rebirthed RWG, after Blake's explosion. This forum is far and away as much emblematic of the original TRC as any rep forum ever created on the net. Thomas is and always will be THE MAN in the rep forum world. All the other rep forums are wanabe's. . Although Blake picked up the ball toward the end of TRC, Thomas is directly responsible for the rep watch forum's continued popularity and knowledge of the finest articles, member posts, and list of reputable Trusted Dealers listings, on this,
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