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  1. Good to see you around here occasionally! ;)



  2. Wow, great looking watch, nice looking collection there too. Wear it well!
  3. Nice review, thanks for posting it.
  4. It looks great, I too like the date wheel, nice and close to the dial. Great movement too, should run nice and smooth. How's the lume?
  5. I take mine to a local watchmaker, he doesn't care if it's rep or real, he will service it. If you live in a larger city you can typically find a guy who will repair all your watches. Just don't take it into a large chain store or an AD for the brand, those are bad places for reps. Most of the higher end reps have the same movements as the real ones, so service will be about the same anyway.
  6. Nice collection! Great pictures as well.
  7. Thanks for sharing! I love the new 1950 submersible, time to hit the Panerai site and see what I can find out about this watch. Since I can't seem to get a Ti 194, I might see about getting one of these.
  8. Wow, great find! Congrats and thanks for posting the great review, not too shabby for your first one. Now, I just need to find your "secret source" and get one for myself, this would pull me out of rep retirement as well.
  9. Very cool review V, thanks for sharing and great pictures to show the different versions. I don't have any of those buckles, they seemed too pricey to me for what you got, especially when the reps started to roll out it caused too much confusion. Kind of like the OEM deployments and how expensive they were until the reps came out and then every time you see a deployment FS you have to winder if it's OEM or rep.
  10. Damn, missing another GTG, I leave that day for Florida. Have fun and maybe I'll make the next one.
  11. Congrats on going to the event. It should be a lot of fun, make sure you post some pictures.
  12. Wish I could have made it, maybe the next time. Good to see you all had a great time and got to share watches, food and drinks.
  13. Nice work as usual, I really like the color and thickness of the leather, looks great! That watch looks familiar.
  14. Dude, give it up, we're never going to get a decent 194, unless you have ~$11K to spend.
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