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  1. I still get the occasional PM asking me about AR services. I haven't seen chieftang active in a long time. There was also the Taka AR.
  2. August 2006 join date for me. I remember buying by first submariner from m2m on TRC (RIP) however. In my early years, RWG was the best source of knowledge IMO. However once RWI and RG came along I was drawn to there for posting for some reason. Perhaps it was the active m2m sections. Perhaps it was the age demographics, as I was in my 20's at that time. I took a couple year break from reps, but it has been the VSF Omega's that drew me back in. That led to a new buying spree. [img]https://i.ibb.co/C9X0p8k/gray.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.ibb.co/Ks6fKfP/brown-00904.jp
  3. Thank you both for the compliments. The watch in the top 3 pics is the closed rep case, which had a normal seamaster wave caseback and did have a serial number. dutchguy2 originally put it together, and one other owner and myself improved upon it a bit. It is the case that dutchguy mentions a few posts down in this thread. Here is what the back of the case looked like: As you can see, I sold it last year. Compared to my gen, it was very close. A bit thicker case due to the 2824 vs 2892, and the crown guard shape was a bit pointier. The bottom
  4. I think I can help a bit. I'm fairly certain that I bought this watch from the person that dutchguy2 sold it to, in its eventual closed factory case version. Here is what it looked like when I had it: The 40th anniversary dial had been swapped to a old tritium gen dial, and I installed a gen insert with pearl. The 40th anniversary dial and gen bracelet, ended up getting re-united with a genuine 2831.80 that I restored from the dead, and is one of my favorite watches I wear to this day.
  5. For that money I would want more than a Rolex sport model. The PanoMaticLunar can be found for $6k used, in fact there was just one up with both the metal bracelet and strap/deployant. That was for SS of course, not the pictured gold.
  6. Wearing heavily modded 300M today. Took me years to procure but it's a highlight of my collection. It's so worth the trouble to research and mod! Good luck. The ceramic version is great as is though,
  7. First edition Navitimer Serie Speciale case and chapter ring Swiss 7750 Gen dial Gen strap Chieftang AR Old factory case Gen dial Gen hands Gen crown and tube Gen insert and pearl Gen bracelet and clasp Eta 2824 Unknown aftermarket AR
  8. Every bracelet could use a little restoration after awhile. If you get your watches from sales forums and m2m like I mostly do, you'll want to freshen up things when they come in, and make them look their best before you sell them again. A bracelet that is all scratched up can mean a great discount when buying, and likewise a little bit of work on your part before a sale can net you a better return on your sale. I've worked on several bracelets in the past couple weeks so I figured a how to thread might interest some folks. First off, these two threads are what originally I read to know
  9. I was searching google for that watch and low and behold it brought me back to RWG! I really like this model, and plan to pick one up once more trickle to the used market. Congrats on yours!
  10. This is my classic SMP chrono rep with ETA 7750 on a freshly repainted back yard bench. BONUS SHOT OF ITS 3 HAND BROTHER
  11. I've got over $500 into this fighters-turned-old navi (including straps) and its worth every penny to me. The OP does have quite a bit of work ahead of him but there is a lot of potential for learning and fun as well!
  12. Couldn't have summed up my thoughts better
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