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    wait for the next one
  2. Old RWG Site

    and less crazy (speaking for myself )
  3. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Still Sunday here in Norway? Still trying out this ZF 377709 with prof AR
  4. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Diver and its date
  5. A trio of classics

    Must say that Ulysses Nardin is one great looking piece and cute movement too , IWC and OMEGA dials are uniqely beautiful. Thank you for sharing My oldies say hi
  6. A trio of classics

    Wow!!! and the movements? photos please!!
  7. New P4000 clone movement - Insight?

    microrotor is always sweet
  8. Old RWG Site

    Eddie Lee a great guy. Is it true he sometimes shipped some green stuff with his watches?
  9. Old RWG Site

    Yes sure is a lot of familiar names. Crazy days! NEO was still there Was this BLADEs avatar? Did he ever resurface? johnnyboy that criminal
  10. Gen wristies

    Gratulerer med dagen Rob!!!
  11. Old RWG Site

    it was perpetual Xmas on the old and original RWG (12 years ago).....its true that this RWG is the continuation of the old RWG but fact is that this site is the amalgam of RWG and TRC. De facto this RWG has the body of RWG and the soul/culture of TRC. I was moderator on the original RWG...Gunnar with The Hammer...the vulcanic fury below is over a perpetual VC replica that refused to change year back in 2004 I went down in flames with the original site in 2005....total anarchy.....
  12. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Sure thing. Sold 4 recently that needed repair. Lots of others are now with friends and family. At least 50 must have passed trough my hands (and wrist). But I have a goal to reduce my collection to the size of this box..seems a close to impossible task. 12 should be enough........