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  1. Sure thing. Sold 4 recently that needed repair. Lots of others are now with friends and family. At least 50 must have passed trough my hands (and wrist). But I have a goal to reduce my collection to the size of this box..seems a close to impossible task. 12 should be enough........
  2. Damn you must have more than 50 watches. I am down to about 20 or so now including the genuines. Have you kept them all?
  3. Solid!? Question is how it does in the flame test?
  4. No no no no......they wear well, very well
  5. I knew you wore them. I just wanted to see a wristshot...and it worked
  6. Its is beautiful beyond beleif but for GOD SAKE use it, put it on your wrist!!!! Give it some wrist time....he he
  7. I did have a gold rep VC, the gold started to come of the caseback due to moisture....... I no longer wear Yellow or Pink gold watches they be replica or genuine (save my inherted pocket watch and vintage gold plated Longines after my grandfather and father respectively) I find that these watches are mainly for the ones that want other to KNOW that they are rich. New money kind of.
  8. Hail Mary! great to have her here!!!
  9. lovely couple