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  1. Bump Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I just purchased a GMT Master II from Trusty Time with the A3135 Movement. I have a small problem with it. The rotor wobbles quite badly, so much that it rubs against the movement and impacts the winding ability. The movement itself is running great and I adjusted the timing to get it within a few seconds per day. The only issue is the winding system. Does anybody know where I can source a replacement winding system - The rotor, plate, gears, etc... Thanks!
  3. Ok, I don't know if this one's been mentioned - but I'd take one of these: http://singervehicledesign.com/gallery/the-machines/nebraska/
  4. There be a lot of wood! Dang! Does that last the full winter?
  5. I really need to take a new picture with an actual camera! I'll work on that tomorrow!
  6. Thanks guys! They look good to me too, I am gonna bite the bullet...price is right, seems to be a legit seller. Now my 16800 will be back to stock! Sweet!
  7. Thanks Ubi! And these look gen to me, anybody differ in opinion?
  8. Hey Guys - I am looking to pickup a pair of Tritium hands to replace the luminova hands on my 16800. These are for a 3135 Sea Dweller, but I believe they would also fit my 3035 Submariner. Can any of the experts confirm the Fit question, and how do these look to everybody?
  9. Yup, pin is still stationary. Hasn't budged a bit...I've had a lot of request for spare pins, but I don't have any...sorry
  10. ...and just to make sure I understand, you can remove the crystal from the outside of the case, just like a 1680? Remove Bezel Assembly, Retainer ring, and then the gasket and crystal will pop out?
  11. Got it! Thanks guys! The 1680 to 16800 comparison helps!
  12. Does anybody know how the crystal on a Gen Rolex 16800 attaches to the case? Does it press in from the back side, or press in from the front? Is there a gasket like on an Omega? I assume it doesn't attach with a tension ring like a 1680 Pics would be great. Not planning on doing anything with mine, just curious as to how to goes together...
  13. His inventory is amazing. I can't wait to stop by the shop! Thanks everybody, I'm really excited to own it! I took down to my watchmaker to see if he could regulate it a bit better - it was running +16 secs per day. 10 minutes later, he now has it between -3 and +1 in 6 different positions. YAY!
  14. Thanks Guys. A keeper for sure. Although I've said it before....this one isn't going anywhere The bracelet is pretty stretched - it's an H code - should be an F for the serial number, so my guess is the case sat at rolex for a bit before it got assembled and sent out. Or, somebody somewhere found a 93150 and swapped out the original - but the amount of use on the bracelet doesn't seem to make it a replacement, especially when it's so close to the original year. Here's a pic showing the stretch
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