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  1. torobravo

    Prof Steve´s AR Service

    When you care about quality and details, the best and most visible modding on your watch is an AR coating, and for that my man to go is Prof Steve. Not the first job and definitely not the last. Here we go ladies and gentlemen AR by rnrprof and watch dissected and put together by fleed 15450 and 15400, I guess I don´t need to tell you which one is which, both from JF and only one is modded
  2. Don´t worry, it´s easy to return a watch, however it´s not a good idea to send this to Omega, and I hope you didn´t mention the website and the forums also, it happens a lot. @Legend thanks for the mentioning, this new feature works well, I got notification too.
  3. torobravo

    BP or ARF for Daytona

    ARF it´s the ¨name¨ of the factory. Probably A. and R. are the inicial letters from the first, last names of the founder. This is something recent from these latest two years when suddenly so many factories made same/similar models, that somehow we have to distinguish them and in the beginning was v1, v2, v3, but the orders were quite misleading as the latest v was not necessarily the best, and each month there was a new v, there were factories which were already had a kind of name or nickname, for example the Noob factory, which got the name from making beginner or noob watches formerly, than they started the top quality ones, and now we have these similar sounding ¨names¨ which are strange to us, but at least easier to distinguish Currently there are about 25 high end factories and not sure who makes up their names... I am sure no one uses chrono, because it´s more like a decoration, even for the gen, it´s like the 5th button up on your blazer, it´s there, but you never use it
  4. torobravo

    BP or ARF for Daytona

    If you don´t mind the faux functions and you want the best looking one, than ARF is for you
  5. torobravo

    Changing RWG

    Thanks, you are right. If anything I can do for the forum, let me know
  6. torobravo

    SH3132 movement issue

    Those movements give a lot of problems lately
  7. torobravo

    Changing RWG

    Mike, here, only you can change it. I am sorry if I offended you, it was not my intention. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. torobravo

    Changing RWG

    Well, if it´s the dealers responsibility, you should give access to the control panel in the mod/admin level, and that is not OK. as it can be changed only from there. None of the links exposed are functional and outdated. Mike, this was a suggestion because you asked for suggestions. The guys are volunteers, fine, it takes 3 seconds to change a link, and it haven´t been updated for years. Again, it is a suggestion and if you like it this way, I am totally fine.
  9. torobravo

    Changing RWG

    I am sure this new forum it is much better for browsing if you learn how to use it properly, it has lots of new features and functions, but it is impossible to please everyone. From a vendor´s perspective from my experience, I´d say people don´t use social media to login to these kind of forums, specially Linkedin because for some people being in these forums is worse than getting caught watching porn. There should be a moderator on duty who helps to put TD´s website up to date in the section, I see that nobody cares and people just go to another forum to look for that info. Greetings everyone from the Great China!
  10. torobravo

    New Customer TB question

    Please make sure you write email to the correct address. I have searched evilB but no results. If you purchased from us, you don´t need to worry.
  11. This is just a note to verify that I have an account here....

    All the best


  12. I received the watch from the OP. Thanks for the RWG team for their time. dinosaur1 unfortunately is not willing to return the watch, I cannot help this way. He opened a dispute with his credit card company in the hope of a free watch.
  13. torobravo

    Toro's site is near impossible to open ?

    It should be working
  14. torobravo

    Educate me on Western Union

    Best to use it online. It is fast and easy once you´re registered