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  1. Hi guys, i've been looking on the forum since a week for someone in France to repare my IWC portuguese (asian clone A79350) .. but can't manage to find anybody... It feal from about 1.5 meter to the ground, the watch is intact but the chrono needle is bended and the watch doesn't run anymore... if someone can help me out.. thanks regards
  2. Hi mike, i just send you a PM. Broke my IWC portuguese last week 😭 Thing is that i live in France (sorry for my approximative english) .. Is that a problem?
  3. Thanks a mille guys. click spring bought on ebay this morning, i'll replace it as soon as I receive the package. cheers and thanks again.
  4. Hi guys, just broke my V3, the bezel came of.. I cliped it back on but I don't have the "click" when I turn the rotating bezel anymore.. I had a clarks click spring and all I have now is showed on the picture below, spring is missing and I don't even know what else is missing ... and where to buy it back.. I wear the watch often and can't stand it without the "click".. I don't know if my english is clear ... fact is I tried to figure out how to fix it up by searching on the forum but I can't find my way threw.. Thanks for your help cheers
  5. Thanks for that guys!
  6. sorry to bother... but I really need some translation here... I make my best to catch info but to much abreviations... could someone tell me what MBW and PWC stands for?
  7. mLuMaN83, happy that you finally found what you were looking for! could you post some pics ? is it an out of the box rep? or a home made...
  8. conteo

    Pam noob

    Hey Woof, My feeling is same as yours and I know many of us feel the same way, when you have a small wrist 44mm PAMs look quite big... especially when you are looking for a dailly beatter. I've been looking around for a good rep for a while and didn't manage to find any decent quality. I tried both gen Marina 40mm and 44mm this weekend and the 40mm size was just perfect! So if you figure out the problem please let me/us know.. Cheers
  9. that's not a bad idea LHOOQ i'm not shure it will fit in a 28mm case but it might be worth trying? but no date window on the dial and how to be shure of the mesurments... I don't really know in fact.. maybe thinking about going for a simple tudor ranger with rolex case engravings ... if someone has that for sale...
  10. superlative, Thanks for your answere, so that's the end... ? no chance i can figure out a way to match that tudor dial on a DJ or other similar rolex...?
  11. thanks watchmeister, it was 4 am for me when i did my post yesterday... probably missed up somewhere...
  12. Hey guys, need some help for a little project here.... never really done taht befor but I have a project and i'm not really shure it can fit out... OK here it goes... I know it can seam weard... but I have to adapt a Tudor Submariner date dial (same as snowflake see picture) on a rolex datejuste (aquivalent to picture) ... is that possible ? I know some of you guys must already think i'm crasy... resons for that "adaptation" would be a bit long to explain... Thanks for your answeres. Cheers Conteo
  13. It has a little something in commun with the tag carrera doesn't it ?
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