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  1. I joined 10 days after it opened.... Good to see that there are a lot of the original members still here.
  2. Good to see you back Ken.
  3. I've been looking for some time through our trusted dealers searching for a Pro II bracelet for my Super Avenger with no luck... Anyone that would be willing to sell one? Thanks, Swemoose
  4. Trying to reach out to my fellow RWG people... I've been searching for some Christian Louboutin men's sneakers for a while now without any luck. I wear a US size 13 or 13,5 or a Euro 47,5 or 48. I already tried with KB and he told me that the biggest they produce in China would be close to a US 12... If anyone knows of a place to go I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Swemoose
  5. How many are here from the inception in 2006? Or even before that... Still on but I've never been much for posting.
  6. My new PAM187 from rg21044. Great guy to deal with.
  7. Going with my IWC Cousteau Divers 7753.
  8. Went somewhat conservative today, PAM 297
  9. If you can find one, the Costeau Divers first edition, with Swiss 7753. I had a gen owner look at mine and he was just baffled over the rep.
  10. I was perusing Angus Omega section and came upon this http://www.pure-time.com/product/speedmaster-professional-moonwatch-chronograph-axf-best-edition-on-ss-bracelet-a9300/ I'm assuming that I'm not the first one to see it, any thoughts? The date window and date font seems a little off and so does the markers at 3 & 9. Any other glaring faults? Swemoose
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