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  1. WHOSE birthday is it today???

    Happy Birthday T
  2. Just because nobody says anything, does not mean people didn't notice it. I notice watches every day and never say a word. But first of all, he picks about the least ostentatious watch on the planet. I would think if he'd picked an Avenger, Panera, Graham or Hublot, the reaction he would have gotten would be quite different. I think its quite noble that so many people buy watches for their own enjoyment, but personally I think thats a crock. People like to be noticed, there is nothing wrong with that.
  3. Rolex Real or Fake

    Aside from some wonky markers and it being a sh1tty pic, it doesn't look that bad IMO. Hell I can't even say with confidence that its fake.
  4. Replica sunglasses?

    So nobody makes decent replicas of glasses? Seems really odd as they would obviously be a lot easier to copy than a watch for instance. I thought the Chinese copied everything? Anyway, I wear Vuarnets exclusively and love them. Just thought if i could find a decent rep of the glasses below it would save me many many hundreds of dollars lol.
  5. Replica sunglasses?

    Anybody know a good seller? I'm looking for quality, not just looks.
  6. klink

    Who cares? That guy was the worst thing that ever happened to this hobby. He used to tell me he was dying, so with any luck...
  7. klink

  8. Hi from "old timers"

    Im still here occasionally.
  9. chronmatic: gen or rep ?

    Lousy pictures but I'm 99% sure that is a gen. As I recall the rep of this model used a manual wind "Lemania" movement and didn't have a date window.
  10. Maybe in your opinion. I prefer the old one. I prefer the old Navi with its giant, easily readable Breitling font. I don't like the pearl on the Avengers. The SuperOceans are ugly, all of em. Montbrilliant date font sucks. And I much preferred the old Chronomat Evolution to the current ugly bezelled Chronomats. For some reason Breitling has decided to continually update classic models, unlike a company like Rolex for instance. I bet you will always be able to buy a classic looking Sub, DayDate or Date Just.
  11. Actually I still consider that to be old style Breitling. Still has the Avenger styling and the classic Breitling date font, but I can't stand the new giant crystal pearl.
  12. I'm with Nanuq on this one. Breitling IMO has not done anything exciting in the past decade. I'd prefer the rep makers to go backwards and do some vintage pieces. Think about how well an accurate Navitimer Fighters would go over! And i'm not talking about a crappy shiny cased, flat glass POS like they've done in the past. I'd love to see a reissue of the fantastic titanium Chrono Avenger. The AOPA Navi's would be awesome as well.
  13. 7 years and counting

    Right? I was shocked when I recently noticed how long I'd been here.
  14. Plenty aloha from Hawaii

    Yep Nanuq, he certainly had the best looking wristies.
  15. How old is the rep market?

    Crappy watches with Rolex or Omega stamped on them for many decades, however I wouldn't consider those to be replicas. My guess, based on the amount of info I was able to find when I started in to this hobby, is that true replicas started in the late 90s. Just a guess, but probably fairly accurate.