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  1. I'll watch it on catchup. It's a shame Evgeni Malkin has been shunned by the NHL again, though. He should be an all star every year he's fit.
  2. That's how I feel. I'd like to get a few more reps, but these days, I've got a winder with a brace of Omegas on it and a few other gens (Tissot Visodate - the Rep priced Gen, Fortis, eta2892 Steinhart, Seikos, etc.) so if I wanted a new watch, I'd likely just get a cheap Swiss chrono. However, if there's a good EU rep dealer, I'd likely get one for old time's sake.
  3. Yes, where was I? Probably hard at work at the Donington World Superbike round, as it’s been the week before the TT for a few years now. What year was it? I was in touch with Sixx off-forum, after his accident, for a while.
  4. I'm still alive. Let's see, what's happened since I was last here? Um, I went self-employed (IT contractor, TTRPG games designer and motorbike racing journalist/photographer) about a decade ago and live with my missus in a cottage in Scotland. I think that's about it.
  5. I am still alive. I don't visit much because I can't afford to spend any more on reps. Still, I'm sure a decent Rolex Submariner could pull me back in. Who has the best Sub? Or 42mm PO?
  6. Happy Birthday Pugwash!

  7. I remember when the racist internet went spare at baked beans being Halal. It made me laugh because by default, any non-meat is halal. I don't like the way Halal meat is killed, but I don't object enough to complain.
  8. In case it's interesting. Reposted from http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/169361-thursday-24042014-wristies/
  9. This old seconds-at-six IWC Portochrono died, as all old seconds at six watches do, and I tried to revive it with graphite powder under the seconds wheel (there's got to be a tutorial on how to do this here somewhere) and it sort of almost worked … until it just died again. A year or three later, after it's been sitting in the back of my watch drawer, I got it out and put it (and the blue-handed one I have that was in the same condition) on my new watch winder and after a day, it was within a few seconds of bang on time. Both dead watches are running fine now apparently, and this one has been on my wrist for over a day. I don't know if leaving them alone for a stretch allowed the graphite to settle or something, but I have got two watches I thought were dead back in rotation. (edit to remove stupid LightRoom default watermarking oops)
  10. great AR on this one.
  11. Dammit, now I want a fish! Are they still as good as they were when they came out years ago or are there dodgy ones?
  12. You do know what mock-up means, right? After the Sonny Dickson episode, I'd be surprised if the leaks are as close this time. Also, remember in previous "leaks", there has been misinformation. Time will tell.
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