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  1. Hi Toadtorrent I'm sorry to bother you, but I see you name coming up a lot on topics regards to rep friendly watchsmiths in Toronto. I happen to live in North York. Over the last few years I have bought a small collection of replica watches. Unfortunately I don't post much on RWG, but I was hoping you could help me out. I am currently in possession of a SOHv2, one of the few last ones I got off a TD from another forum. While the watch itself is great, I feel like I want to reservic...

    1. maxlifan


      If you could send a PM or direct me in the right path, that would be great. I tried to PM earlier but your mail box is full. I'm looking to do a relume and service. Thanks.

  2. Good day! I was reading through a REALLY old thread regarding the A7750, and you mentioned that you had a pile of info, diagrams, etc., on this movement. I'd like to procure it from you, if it's not too much trouble... Thanks for your help! Michael

  3. Hi I'm looking for a trusted dealer/modder in Europe for cartier watches. I'm particularly interested bu the ballon bleu men 42mm (with or without chronograph). Please help me.

  4. I think a 42mm PO would be good...the new one is good with the proper HEV and no-happy feet logo.
  5. They're on torrents everywhere...
  6. I am the Yogavangelist. Never underestimate the power of yoga as the ultimate cross-training tool. If you do the hard, physical kind...it's a blast and great for party tricks. Helps with recovery, strength, balance, everything. I've seen fantastic results of p90x with lots of friends.
  7. I want to spend a quiet evening in front of the fire in Nanuq's living room: ...after it's been reno'd by his pet Fluffy: ...maybe having some sushi from Bob's private fish stock: ...while modding his left nut into a Freddy vintage masterpiece...
  8. Hey big congrats to all...top notch picks for sure.
  9. There are Bergeon watch dial protectors that I use...they work...or saran wrap can work too.
  10. What did I tell yah...3 - 6 weeks...you got the short end of the stick!! Good stuff...now another 3-6 weeks for the return trip as they don't ship EMS on the return usually.
  11. Welcome to the forum. It's a great rep. I used to be concerned about the caseback...now I'm not...but you might be able to source one from one of the dealers for the other 3717's. Look in the review in my sig for more info and pics on this rep. I don't know about shorter minute hands...but you can get a gen movement and gen hands from Concepta. Look forward to your pics...
  12. Beautiful piece...great work...fantastic story.
  13. Shipping by regular post back to China is the usual way I've done it. I've had it take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. Usual return time to getting the repaired watch in my hand is on average about 8-10 weeks. This is from Canada.