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  1. Black screen update: 1. Do you own a timepiece worth $5000 or more? a. Yes b. No 2. How often do you wear it? a. All the time b. Sometimes c. Rarely d. Never 3. What would support you to use it more frequently? a. More special occasions b. More opportunities to show it c. A safety device linked to the watch d. Lower insurance premiums e. Less risk of damaging f. Nothing 4. What do see as the best way of addressing risk with wearing your timepiece? a. More affordable insurance
  2. Ok so as suggested above, if security is a worry I will post the questions below as i cannot seem to insert a poll. If you would like to partake just answer 1) (A). 2) (B). ...etc I appreciate it.
  3. Hahah I now understand your concerns. I wasnt aware they track so much data as I only have the free version which gives me only the basic data. I will attempt a poll, thank you for the suggestion !
  4. Thanks for the welcome, nice I will look into that one !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Not a Bad process, Noted !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Its easier as the survey site will collect the answers for me in one place so I can analyse at the end.
  6. Im a young Irish guy with a great interest in watches. I dont have much money or a trust fund so I own some modest pieces, SKX 009 and Casioak are my daily rotation. I am attempting to start a watch accessory business which I can keep you informed with the progress if anyone cares. I enjoy the idea of the one piece collection however my eye cant be pleased at the moment ..... maybe ill come across it some day. Cheers, D
  7. Hello Beautiful Watch nerds !!!! I am currently in the R&D phase of a watch related product. I need some fellow watch nerd input. I am not selling a product or promoting anything here, I am just looking for the opinion of watch enthusiasts. If you had 30 seconds to give me your input, it would be greatly appreciated. The profits of the business some day will be poured into some sick watches to share with ye! https://www.surveylegend.com/s/34xy I appreciate the help P.S i also got banned from watchuseek for this community driven info, i dont
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