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  1. Thanks for the effort but that post is in regard to the 4130 movement. I'm questioning the reliability of the modded 7750 in the linked piece.
  2. A long-time-no-see to all! A bit of a newb question here: what's the scoop on the following piece? Is this a reliable movement like my 4130 or is it just another 7750 time bomb? https://trustytime.asia/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_6&products_id=18975 Thanks.
  3. Haha..calmed down a bit since then. Just do fashion shoots now Good to know. Think I might spring for the ARF 116520, sand down the pushers & caseback and just wait for the DSSD V8 lol
  4. Good to know. Anyone know how reliable the movement is on the ARF Daytona? As good as the JF with non-working chronos or crappy like the old 7750?
  5. @nanuq Thank you, sir Anyone have any answers on The Daytona?
  6. Hello to all again! I haven't spent a lot of time on these forums in years, as I've simply been satisfied with my old 116520 & V? DSSD. Anyway, I'm looking for help from some of the more knowledgeable current members--I'd like to update my DSSD and after doing a little homework have narrowed it down to either the V6s or the V7 (looking between these two): V6S: https://www.intime02.co/rollie/2650-sea-dweller-deepsea-116660-black-ceramic-v6s-1-1-noob-best-edition-sa3135.html V7: https://www.intime02.co/rollie/2950-sea-dweller-deepsea-116660-black-v7-1-1-noob-bes
  7. I've just read your post "How to restore & maintain a brushed/satin finish". I have a question here, there are 2 types of refinishing pad one is " Satin / Brushed Refinishing Pads", another is "Titanium Refinishing Pads". Which one should i purchase?

  8. Ordered one from Josh--absolute garbage. Anyone know for certain where to source one of these? Thanks.
  9. Happy Birthday gioarmani!

  10. Happy Birthday gioarmani!

  11. Understood. I guess I can try to find an aftermarket or replica crystal with the proper amount of distortion.
  12. Well that sucks. I actually just ordered the new ceramic insert with better triangle and glass-clad pearl from Josh. We shall see... If anyone else knows anything about aftermarket/gen crystals, please feel free to chime in. And thank you.
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