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  1. Haha its a 1016 with a fat font submariner bezel and insert simply placed over the top for the photo.
  2. Perfect, yes just got JMB to measure it for me, and it looks like its a green light
  3. Hey all, I've already purchased a gen 1016 dial and a 1560 movement, currently in a 1600 case. Looking to buy JMB's modified 16200 2824 case. Has anyone tried a gen 1560/1570 in these 2824 DJ cases? Does anyone know if there are other issues with doing so? I noticed they have come with a spacer and i'm assuming that's for adapting from 11.5 lignes (2824 diameter) to 12.5 lignes (1560/1570 diameter). Thanks! B
  4. Hey! Did you end up trying the 3135 movement in the rep 16200 case? Does that fit in there? I'm assuming it does as they come with a spacer (usually the spacer is because they're designed for Rolex diameter movements 12.5 lignes)
  5. Great work JMB, Looking forward to (hopefully) build my 1016 with your case! The fact you're so open about your skills makes me smile
  6. This is probably actually a legit ETA. The cutouts for the shock protection system has 3 lobes where the asians usually only have 1 lobe. Don't sweat it http://www.rw-forum.com/topic/22-how-to-identify-eta-28242836/ read this
  7. Perfect. Thanks for your help so far jig, just purchased a gen insert off a member from RWG from your advice yesterday.
  8. Good to hear. The only think that bugs me is that the rehaut seems to be a bit too angled when comparing to Gen watches. Would you recommend re-shaping the lugs or is it not too much of an issue?
  9. Hey KB! Yeah for sure, to be honest if that never happened i wouldn't have been as interested in watches if that didn't happen. So i'm sort of thankful for that also definitely wouldn't have been able to modify/work on watches like i do now. So i guess it was a blessing in disguise B
  10. Just the MOST important part , the heart!
  11. Hey RWGeeks! So a few years ago now, my father and i got burned on some japanese auction sites and we received what we thought was a 7928 Tudor Sub. Instead it was a franken watch with a 9411/0 case set and real 2824 movement (longines or something not tudor, doesn't have the KIF shock protection). The current spec is: Gen 2784, gen dial, gen crown, clark crystal, yuki hands (tiger concept hands on the way), clark tube, unknown bezel assembly + retaining ring. So I've been going under the assumption that the case is a replica case, i mean why would you put a real 9411 case with franken parts + rep dial (i have been wrong before)? The case has: - Proper engravings: 78xxxx serial number (roughly 1972), the 9411/0 engraving too - 2mm lug holes - Decent shape - maybe you can help me out with this one. - Caseback looks decent but has C.R.S instead of 9411 on the inside. - Unknown bezel assembly too - Fits 26mm dial Please let me know if you have any ideas on the case. Does the rehaut look too 'wokky'/angled? Thanks in advance guys!!!
  12. Hey fellow watch geeks, I'm from Melbourne, Australia and i've been playing around with watches for the last few years. I've joined this a little while ago and this is my first post I'm mainly into Rolex/Tudor family but i also dabble in Seiko, Omega, Nomos (all gen) but my project has been my beloved Tudor Snowflake which me and my father got burned buying from "eBay Japan". We thought we were buying a 7928 but it turned out to be a major franken watch with a 9411 case (unsure if real, ive started another thread in the Rolex section if you have any ideas). So i naturally learned what i needed to to build watches from pieces. So here is a shot of my Tudor as she is today: Hopefully get to know some of you, Cheers, Bren
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