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  1. Hi Guys, I recently picked up a Breitling Transocean and would like to replace the domed crystal for a flat one. Just wondering what the best route to go would be. If anybody can recommend someone or where to pick up a crystal. I looked around ebay, no luck and I'm not sure the exact size anyway. It measured out to what looks like 43mm. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeremy
  2. Hey guys, I have purchased 4 different crown guards for my 063 and none of them fit. They are too wide or the holes in the CG don't line up with the holes in the case. Does anybody know where I can pick one up that will actually fit? ANY help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, J
  3. Envy......... I recently inherited a few pocket watches from my great grandfather. I love the transformation of the Bulova ... clean and crisp. I'm assuming you kept all the good stuff on the inside? Just started looking around the web, two just need a new crystal and a good service. You can here them tick from across the room. who would you recommend? There are two that I can't even make out the watch co. Taking some pics this w/e. I'll send em to ya. any help would be great. I just wanna do this right... with kid gloves. Its funny..... runs in the family... watches. I didn
  4. Welcome! I used to live in Hallandale and Miami Beach. This is a great place, you're gonna love it!
  5. I knew I should have waited.... just bought 2 at panatime. Thank you very much for the offers. If for some reason the don't fit I will PM you. Take Care
  6. Hi Guys, Does anybody know where I can get one of these? Thanks, J
  7. Please post some pix...
  8. Thanks! Depending on how many links I take out, I may be able to send ya one.
  9. Thanks Nikki and Michael. Much appreciated!
  10. Hi guys, Does anybody know where I can source one of these bracelets. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The one I purchased comes with the rubber strap and I would really like the SS bracelet. Thanks!
  11. Hi Guys, If anybody knows where I can purchase one of these please let me know. If you would like to part with one that works as well. Thanks!
  12. Hi, Is this a go or a no? I need some expert opinions. It looks like the HE valve is stripped. This is my first purchase and definitely want to get it right. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Thanks so much JKAY. I appreciate it!
  14. Hello, I am purchasing the PO 45 with Swiss Eta 2824-2 or Asia ETA 2836 movement and would love some advice on where to have it serviced, how much it costs, and the turn around time. I live in San Diego, CA. Thanks, J
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