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  1. Knowing you're back is the best news we had in the Rep world since a very long time, hope you'll be ready to get order again soon
  2. Well looks like it’s been a vaporware...
  3. Can’t believe Amazon allows this...
  4. @Nanuq from my understanding, you waited 2 years because he was look for a gen dial to make yours, am I correct?
  5. here's some pic I got from J during the making of the dial
  6. Thank you Thank you the movement is what makes it complete to my eyes Yes as Bart mentioned, TS is a professional photographer or use to be, not sure as he apparently becomes a modder Thank you, I'm actually the 1st surprised of the result as it's my first build. But I'm really in love about it My experience was smooth, longer than expected but I did not put any pressure on the guy as I wasn't on a hurry. He provided everything, from drawing to 1st batch that wasn't of the color I was looking for. But he's a real pro and always willing to improve and satisfy its client. I will go with him again for sure Hmm that'll be the trickiest part, from my reading, I know that Sigma dials are a pain to reproduce when it comes to matching the right color. But I'm sure J will be very helpful
  7. Thx @Sogeha @aprolexlover but it is not cheap either, I've paid under $1000 for my dial and its a minimalistic version.
  8. You can try Jensen (phong's son) he made a special dial for me and the all process has been smooth such as the result which I'm really happy with
  9. Well from my experience MQ/Phong are not trying to screw their own customers... Are they all running on ST19? or the last one is a converted Valjoux?
  10. He actually started a real biz out of it, check this instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/vintagewatchsociety/ I'm concerned by the amount of people that will be defrauded by him, they'll know they'll buy replicas but he charge more than twice the price and some of them are not even accurate to the real thing
  11. Found my answer, looks like a Breguet marine equation marchante 5887
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