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  1. Knowing you're back is the best news we had in the Rep world since a very long time, hope you'll be ready to get order again soon
  2. Well looks like it’s been a vaporware...
  3. Can’t believe Amazon allows this...
  4. @Nanuq from my understanding, you waited 2 years because he was look for a gen dial to make yours, am I correct?
  5. here's some pic I got from J during the making of the dial
  6. Thank you Thank you the movement is what makes it complete to my eyes Yes as Bart mentioned, TS is a professional photographer or use to be, not sure as he apparently becomes a modder Thank you, I'm actually the 1st surprised of the result as it's my first build. But I'm really in love about it My experience was smooth, longer than expected but I did not put any pressure on the guy as I wasn't on a hurry. He provided everything, from drawing to 1st batch that wasn't of the color I was looking for. But he's a real pro and always willing to improve and satisfy its client. I will go with him again for sure Hmm that'll be the trickiest part, from my reading, I know that Sigma dials are a pain to reproduce when it comes to matching the right color. But I'm sure J will be very helpful
  7. Thx @Sogeha @aprolexlover but it is not cheap either, I've paid under $1000 for my dial and its a minimalistic version.
  8. You can try Jensen (phong's son) he made a special dial for me and the all process has been smooth such as the result which I'm really happy with
  9. Well from my experience MQ/Phong are not trying to screw their own customers... Are they all running on ST19? or the last one is a converted Valjoux?
  10. He actually started a real biz out of it, check this instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/vintagewatchsociety/ I'm concerned by the amount of people that will be defrauded by him, they'll know they'll buy replicas but he charge more than twice the price and some of them are not even accurate to the real thing
  11. Found my answer, looks like a Breguet marine equation marchante 5887
  12. Hello guys, I’m helping out a friend of mine that works on an investigation case for the BBC and he needs help identify this watch. Unfortunately all he has are those fuzzy pics but I know you’re among the best around for this kind of challenge. Thank you for the help!!!
  13. Lying on what? Please develop
  14. Ona case he lied about??? He should have offer a full refund. I’m just warning other members about this guy not following forum rules, back door selling and lying about his own case and dials
  15. Sorry bro that you trusted TheSociety, he is full of [censored]... Claimed to have his own source for case and dial which is a major lie, he even claimed to have his dial maker re-done the black Singer prototype which was made by Jensen. I was the one ordering the dial to Jensen which made 2 of them, and then the Society said he had to have it redone as it wasn't purple enought... Ahahaha what a lie. He even sold me an NDT 6263 case for $900 claiming it was a Phong case. Glad you like your watch, it's a beautiful watch, too bad you over paid for it
  16. He's still around mostly buying diamonds now instead of Rolex Would love to see the result and would you mind sharing with us the price you paid for you dial, I'm thinking myself ordering a few dials to him?
  17. Hey @freddy333 do you think you could update the links to your pics? I know it's a very old thread but this watch is a grail. It'll be awesome. I'm trying to build one myself and I'd like to gather the most info around. Thank you
  18. You're so right imo. Had the same car as my first car ever, I've used and abused it over and over, even sank it but it never let me down and I've always been able to fix it... now my G63 has over 19 computers onboard and is in my mind a pos compared to my p60 built for the army as a tool. You can buy all gen and go to an AD for every little trouble or learn your way out and do it yourself. It's like building a new company, you don't do it for the money but for the journey (I've built 8 so far).
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