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Found 19 results

  1. So I have decided to start off the path of building myself a V72 powered 6263 Daytona. One main element for that build is a Valjoux 72 in good running order, or in my case a questionable eBay score. I snagged it for $1300 so not too bad but after digging in it has definitely seen some better days. Some rust (thankfully only mainly affecting screw threads) and some shotty repair/replacement work BUT it does run pretty decent right out of the case. Right out of the old case and on the timeographer it was reading +1sec/day, +1.46ms Beat error, and 277 amplitude. Im hoping with a nice clean and fresh oils we can improve that. Anyways I took photos along the way to keep track of where all the parts go and figured I would share with the crew here incase anyone else decides to go down this road. Sadly when taking the photos it didn't hit me to keep the same orientation of the movement for each shot so I edited my best to keep it somewhat consistent shot to shot, If I do get around to photographing the assembly then ill keep that in mind. To kick it off Ill start with a shot of the whole movement and a close up of the "aftermarket" hour recording jumper spring I didn't notice before I bought it... And on to the disassembly, Starting with the dial side standoffs and chrono parts. Hour Recorder bridge first (Boomerang shaped part left of center). Hour Hammer [censored] is next (large giraffe shaped part with two large screws just right of center) Hour hammer and Pawl next which were under the hour hammer [censored] on the right side along with the large long Pawl spring contacting them. The large curved Dial standoff on the left is next , And on to the reverse side to start on the Chronograph parts. These ill just show instead of naming parts. Heres the underside of the train wheel bridge. Shot of the wheels in their places Escape and seconds wheel removed And home stretch back to the dials side for the keyless works and the other thing Check out how dirty the main spring is. Nasty stuff. And one last shot of all the Chronograph parts next to their respective screw. They all have their own unique size screw so I wanted to make sure I got this shot for the reassembly. Thanks guys!
  2. Hi guys, I am quite new here and after reading so much I am pretty sure you can help me with my project! I found this 6263 from Andrew: http://trustytimestore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=352&products_id=16330 Could this be a good basis for modding? I found a lot about DW, Cartel, Phong and Ruby - what's the main difference for modding? And is it possible to change the automatic movement with a handwind movement and use a thiner case back? Thanks for your help and sorry in advance for the maybe stupid questions as a "newbie"!
  3. I started of lusting after a gen 6263 years ago, but alas, even then they were just too expensive. Today, they're even crazier in price (especially the Gen 1 exotic dial). Over the years I've collected/sold and wore a bunch of different Gen Rolex's: Submariner, Daytona (modern) and GMT II for almost 20 years now. I got the bug to get a 6263, but as I stated earlier, the Gen was just not in the cards. So I joined several replica watch forums and started to dig deeper. I was not satisfied at all with what I saw coming from dealers (price range from $180 - $350). They just looked "off" to me. The deeper I dug, the more it became evident that I would be looking into a Superfranken custom build. I contacted one of the well known "builders" on RWI and here's what we ended up with: Gen hands Gen crystal Gen tube Gen crown Gen braclet - 78350 w/571 endlinks Gen bezel Gen insert Gen mk2 pushers Fully converted Valjoux 727 Custom case Custom dial - specially aged Originally, it had a Tiffany & Co. dial and a rep bezel. The T & C. dial caused WAY too much unwanted attention as that's basically a one-off watch and worth close to $1 million. So I sent it back to my builder for a standard dial and to install a gen bezel.
  4. Today some pictures of my Rolex Daytona 6263 Paul Newman Enjoy them!
  5. Hello, I'm new to RWG. Lately I've been looking at many 6263 6265 builds and I was wondering if you could suggest me who I should ask to buy a very good franken 6263 or 6265. I've seen many threads about where to buy single components (mq, phong etc) but I still haven't understood where I could buy a 6263 or 6265 already built. Many thanks in advance.
  6. I wanted to share pictures of my Daytona build that I received not to long ago. This project started sometime last year. I knoew what I wanted but was not really familiar with the technical aspects of the build. Parts, movements, etc. After doing alot of research I reached out to Rolojack and asked if he would be willing to make me something pretty special. I decided on the Daytona 6263 PN Panda Dial. Something about this dial that i really liked. I put my trust in his hands and he worked his magic. He would ask me what I wanted every step of the way and was a huge help. Rolojack thanks for doing what you do. Also for taking the time, effort, skill, and patience. Let me know what you all think.
  7. Daytona Build Update I think I've finally got my 6263 where I want it (without having to spend a lot more money). I had previously mentioned that when I got the watch back from Phong, it was taking on moisture. I thought that maybe the back gasket was thin & I installed a thicker one - seemed to be OK Next, I didn't think the crystal looked right, so I ordered a Clark and had my watchmaker install it. He said "sorry, it broke. These replicas don't have standard dimensions". He re-installed the original plexi. But, at least, he did get the minute recorder adjusted & it hasn't missed a click since! I also noticed that my blatantly incorrect bezel had developed a crack @ about "160". Well, I still needed a nice crystal and ordered another, NOT CLARK, based on a recommendation of a Forum member. When I removed my bezel, almost 1/2 of the original crystal [censored] was missing (my watch guy is 84, I love him to death AND he got that V72 straightened out). Maybe that's where the moisture came from. My new crystal was nice but when I tried to PRESS the bezel over it, I noticed it was REALLY TIGHT. I remember reading how you sometimes have to "open up" these rep bezels, so I began to work on increasing the diameter of the step that contacts the crystal. So, it took a lot of trial fitting, to get the bezel to fully seat. In the process of doing this, I watched that crack open up (obviously too much interference). Anyway, by the time I did get it fully seated, the crystal split right down the middle! Okaaay.. Ordered 2 more $16.50 (net) 25-21 crystals and have stored the watch in desiccant (rice) for several months, while waiting for a proper & inexpensive bezel. Just got a 6263 bezel, (NOT a $450 Phong), off EBay Installed new crystal, MEASURED & trimmed the bezel for a firm, press fit. BTW, these crystals seem to "snap" over the case [censored] and you have to be careful not to shave off slivers of plastic from the sharp edges of the case. I don't know how to link my previous post, but this bezel is closer to right. I really am liking it, now. Thanks, Chris
  8. I am working on a Tudor chronograph project and need to find a black bakelite-in-metal-ring style bezel assembly, like the image below. I am not concerned with the diameter, as I can modify the case as needed to accept it. So, anyone know of a good source other than Phong. His looks great, but $350 is a little too rich for my tastes. thanks
  9. Good evening, after spending a lot of time on the fora and even more looking at the TDs' pics, I need to hear the experts here: who can provide the best "out of the box" 5512 and 6263 ? I already know that every single piece is not good enough just as is, and I know some artists that would build some lovely vintage Rolexes if they only could find some free time in their busy schedules, but if I should buy'n'wear a McQueen 5512 or a Clapton 6263 where could I find some ? Thank you, this place is amazing.
  10. Hey all! I won this dial on eBay for literally $61. The seller seems to be cranking them out readily, it even has a "Singer" stamp on the back, although highly unlikely it's a Singer plate. These are out of Mumbai and I was very dubious at first but since it's not a significant amount of money, I figured hey why not? Here's the initial iPhone photo's - I'll take high-res shots with the Canon later. I'm not at all an expert on these dials but this is my next build, and I'd like it to be quality. I'm planning: - Valjoux 72 donor movement with Phong bridges, etc. Will find one with rose-wheels, etc. - Phong Case, bezel etc. - Gen crown - Gen pushers if I can find them, or O-Frei if Phong's aren't up to snuff - Hands to be sourced - Gen Plexi What do we think of the dial? I think it's missing the concentric rings in each chrono section
  11. Looking for a nice modded Spinmaster/Franken Rolex Daytona 6263 with white dial, black bezel, handwind movement with fully working chrono. Please PM.
  12. One more DW 7753 dial modified here.... Nothing much done on the case except a slight reshaping and a 702 installed. All the work done is on the dial really ! I still need to change that ugly crystal and fit a beveled one and I'll be done ! That is the real problem with DW based Daytonas : they are too cheap !!!! So you won't stop till you have them all !!! By the way, this dial too I got it thanks to Davids100... I can't thank you enough mate !
  13. Hello everyone, I^m looking for a Rolex Daytona 6263. I did some research on it. It seems that the DW Spinmaster is a very nice piece. But hard to find. I found an interesting one at josua site, have a look here: http://www.p-cls.com/0rldv00102-6263-ssss-black-asian-venus-p-10041.html (click on the same link a second time and the link will work) It says "the best vintage rolex daytona ever replicated.. surpassing all previous replication from woeher !..." blabla I`ve been long enough in this rep game to not believe any of this :-) But what cought my interest was this "made form blabla..... procured from Members of the Forums and Internet" Does anyone know something about this? I know they build a tudor with the help of the forum members over at RWI. But I didnt find any evidence that something like this happend on the 6263. And what do you think about this rep overall? greetings Arkon
  14. Dear all, I got my hands on one of the famous DW 6263 with the following specs: - DW David Wong base watch - Asymmetrical pusher layout - DW mystery movement (val23 clone?) - Clark crystal - Lightly aged case - Reamed lug holes - GEN 78350 bracelet Before someone sreams read first: Now I have already read a lot about this watch. But still do not know everything and need your help in some points. Also the search function is recently not working. Since the one day down time of the forum it seems like there is no search index. Maybe you have to push the rebuild button in the AdminCP? In the meantime I searched the forum with google. Goal: a short summary What I found with Google was not a real collection at some point only about the 6263 DW with the MM. So I will try to make this one a collection and always update this first post with your answer/experiences and of course mine. 1) The DW case David Wong offered different movement versions. What I read so far is that all cases are always the same (talking about asymmetrical pushers). There are no differences. Also the hight is always the same. If DW used an automatic movement he took away the rotor so the hight is always the same. Compared to the GEN the DW case is very well. The user lhooq made a very unique comparison of the DW case in the forum (http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/135463-dw-6263-vs-gen-daytona-photo-comparison-updated-731). Difference to the GEN are: - slightly higher crown and pusher positions on the gen - thinner mid-section than at the gen - the lug tips on the gen are wider (DW is too thick on the crown side and too thin on the right) - gen's black bezel insert is convex / DWs black bezel insert is not - wrong fonts and spacing on the DW black bezel insert Of course I will post pictures as soon as I have my watch in my hand. At the moment I do not know from which year it is or which batch. So far I know that there were some very good dials and some with some bad. Right? The case is always the same and very close to GEN though there were 3 generations? 2) The DW bracelet The user wiesn089 did an awesome comparison of all available options out there (http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/121576-78350-pictorial-6263-daytona-bracelet-options/). To make it simple: nothing beats the GEN 78350. The DW feels uncomfortably and the clasp won't close properly. In detail: - middle-links are not flexible - coronet is comically wrong and ugly - clasp doesn't close properly You can either get at Yuki but for some more dollars you get GEN with no flaws at all. I would go GEN. 3) The DW dial and hands - 4) The Mystery Movement - 5) Extended part list / Bringing it closer to the GEN At the end I and I assume the other readers want to get as close to GEN as possible - but in a good price range (no phong case or GEN movement). Here I want to sum up what can be done. If you have any experience please let us know. - The old 6263 had a domed crystal. Only serviced 6263 will have a beveled crystal. You can mount a Clark crystal but you need to make it fit to the DW bezel. But the base of the Clark crystal's dome is at a higher level than the GEN crystal. The Sternkreuz seems to be the more GEN like version. User lhooq made a very good comparison here (http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/112613-quick-photo-comparison-vintage-daytona-crystals/). The correct GEN crystal will be the Tropic 25-21. - Crown and tube should be exchanged to GEN as far is I found out. In terms of quality and reliability. The right part numbers for the crown and tube are 4-7030 & 24-703 (this equels a serviced 6263). First version had a 6mm Twinlock crown (24-600) and later the regular 7mm Triplock (24-700). - As mentioned above the DW bracelet can and should be exchanged to the GEN 78350 bracelet. - As mentioned above the DW black bezel insert is not convex as the GEN and typo and spacing is wrong. It can be improved by using an aftermarket bezel which fits just perfect. GEN bezels are over 1000 Dollar. You can see a very good comparison of two aftermarket bezels to DW here (http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/148589-6263-aftermarket-bezels-compared/). Recommended is the aftermarket bezel from an Ebay seller called WatchNY. His auction can be found here (http://www.ebay.de/itm/Vintage-Rolex-Daytona-Replacement-Bezel-6241-6263-Aftermarket-/280827710997?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4162a2ce15&clk_rvr_id=491792608716). Many users wrote that he will accept an offer for 180 Dollar.
  15. I've been reading up quite a bit on all the excellent Daytona posts here and after months of resistance, finally sent a mail to Spinmaster asking him to please build me an iconic Daytona. Here is the result: I've seen pics of the gens with dials still white as snow, however I must admit I love the 'tropicalized' (?) effect Spin achieved on the dial. The watch has all the usual Spin upgrades (gen crystal, tube and crown), quality control touches and runs like a COSC champ. Color-wise, the pic below is a very accurate take of what the dial looks like in real life... I realize quite a bit of upgrades are still required to take this to the next OCD level (bracelet, pushers, softening the case edges under the crown, etc.). However I'm really enjoying this just as it is. Thanks for looking and a final question to the experts: Did the exotic dial come in any other colors which are available in the rep world? P.S. @ ZK, looking forward to seeing your vintagized PN.
  16. Hi all, heres the QC pics, for your comments. One of my concern is the positioning of "T Swiss T" Most gens would see them right at the bottom of the dial, after the outer-track?
  17. I got this yesterday. Beat it up a bit and have tried to make it look worn. It's been in the tool box, bucket of screws, all egdes sanded gently, and then polished. The bracelet looks more shiny in the pictures than irl. You like?
  18. I'm not an expert, we don't know the source of this one but what do you think of this case? http://www.ioffer.com/i/valjoux-72-727-daytona-6263-case-with-genuine-parts-194098328 Thanks Laurent
  19. Nah just kidding... I'm in love. Meaning I feel an intense emotional attachment for a treasured object - in this case the vintage Daytona wrist watch. When I joined this forum I never could have imagined that I would wear a watch smaller that say 43mm on my 7 3/4 inch wrist. I fell in, with the explorer 39mm - probably the rep I wear most and get a lot of comments about. It's just a classic. Then came SSD, GMT, EXPL II... Where do we go from here? I couldn't resist having the master spin me my very own vintage Daytona. Ordered one like this: Gen crystal and crown, usual spin features: And YES I'm going to beat it up and put this one on: (just won it on some internet auction site) Comments and advice are welcome. Does anyone know if the 7835 bracelet on 6263 fit a large wrist like mine? I couldn't exactly figure out if 357 end links would fit the latest dw case or if they could be modified to fit? Regards T
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