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  1. No, it is a 2834. Date + day (at 12).
  2. Well... it happened: That being said. Dealing with gold requires to first choose your dealer.
  3. The first one is fake because the stainless steel case is stamped 14k gold The two-tone has too many things wrong to list.
  4. Sick, Smoother than barbies snatch! Ill take atleast one 5514.
  5. Jeager le Coultre, just like it says on the dial
  6. The mystery movement is copy of valjoux 23. You can not change to val 72 withouth modding the case (crown is not on same line as pushers, but higher). Try a val 23 stem or swap complete movement to val 23.
  7. Check this thread Crown position is on par with wm9 v1
  8. http://watcheden.com/ Take down notice. is there any new URL? [edit]Nevermind http://www.watcheden.net [/edit]
  9. That is probalby the reason why some members report a 2836 movement will also fit the TC case with no problems.
  10. Great results. Now all you need is a nice jubilee bracelet
  11. Fully agree with points 1 and 2 from Tom here. So far it is a story, nothing more and not even entertaining one at that. Compleet useless.
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