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  1. Hello...


    I the set is still available...let me know please...I'm interested.



  2. Hi gents, just got my ZZF sub qc pics and could need a helping eye.. Whats ur opinion? Thanks
  3. Ok thanks guys. Will show my new piece asap. Cheers
  4. Dear fellow watch lovers, I recently purchased my first crpo 42mm from a td. Supposed to be best noob Version available. As ich dont really have the eye and the knowledge to verify and or confirm quality, id like to ask the pros here to help me out. I wont Post pics here as ich dont want to offend td in case the watch wont pass your extremely skilled eyes. ☺ Anyone want stimmt help? Pics will Come in pm. Cheers Masterblender23
  5. Happy Birthday masterblender23!

  6. Hi mapman, seems like your postbox is full. any chance to purchase this beauty from you? pm me please cheers
  7. Happy Birthday masterblender23!

  8. Happy Birthday masterblender23!

  9. Dear Gents, im looking for a Portofino and have been reading nearly all of it at this forum. Im checking the trade area few times a day, hoping sb will sell his :-) Can the IWC specialists among you give me, a noob so far, a good advice where to buy the most accurate Porto at this time?? Id rather buy a modded and fixed one from a well known member for a higher price than from any of the websites. Please advise, thank you very much!! cheers, masterblender23
  10. Wow, what a beauty! May I ask you where you got this from? Im looking for a Porto myself.....
  11. Hi all, im new in this forum and im also new to the whole watch gen/rep society. Im very interested in all this and bought a rolex from watchcopy. biz As im not very experienced i cant say if 109.-€ plus shipping was a fair price, but the quality is ok for that amount of money i guess. im not really wearing it because to me it looks to fake. whats your opinion? i also own a seiko which i really wear a lot. its a gen and i really love the heavy weight. nevertheless im looking forward buying some in here, i guess rolex is a good brand to start a collection, right? This forum is amazing and i can say im really hooked .... :-) Cheers, masterblender23
  12. Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself here. I came across this site and as I really love watches I signed up. Im not very experienced with this whole gen/rep, modding, etc.. stuff but im really interested. I own some nice watches, but only gens (i guess). Im planning to buy some reps and hope to find the right watches here. This forum is HUGE and im loving it so far. If sb has a good piece to sell, lets say Rolex for noobs like me to start a collection with, please let me know!! Thank you!
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