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  1. I knew that was an awesome build when I saw the pic. Thxs for posting the details
  2. I think 4 re-opens is probably average for me when working on a watch. I need to get better at checking everything before I button it up. The problem is I notice something that at the time I consider to be "good enough" but once noticed it's all I notice so usually within 24 hrs it's open again to fix the thing previously determined to be "good enough"
  3. Somebody is trying to add artificially natural patina!!! Shame on you! I wonder if the boys over at RPR have a thread on distinguishing natural patina from artificially natural patina? "Only a watch with natural patina deserves a premium. Don't pay for artificially natural patina." Lolololololol
  4. Seriously, these things are time sucks. I started working on my RGRC at like 4 pm next thing I know it was 10 pm. The problem with any AP is that you're all excited when you finish whatever it is you set out to do and then you realize to put it back together there are 8 face screws, then 8 nuts,then 8 more case back nuts. It's like another hr just to screw it back together.
  5. Nothing but the best news to report. New stem came in the mail as well as the gold plating solution. As some background, when Chris thinned the case, some of the edges were just not plated well. I sent it back to him along with a full bottle of gold solution and he sent it back basically exactly the same and told me he used the entire bottle on the case. I now know that was a lie or he didn't know what he was doing because I plated a nickel, a SS screw and my entire watch with like a thimble full. I started off by plating a nickel. That worked pretty easily. Next I tried a stainless steel screw without the SS activating solution. Absolutely nothing. Dipped the screw in the activation solution and presto. So now it was on to the watch case. Didn't really work at first so I dialed up the voltage to 10V and it worked awesome. (The howto was written by Mikey over on Rep Geek. DIY plating on a budget.). Mine was really on a budget because I just stripped some wire I had laying around to connect everything up. The key is to make sure you use the SS activator and then just play around with the voltage until you see results. Once it started working it made all the edges perfectly gold. Sooo nice. I also used the gold buff solution immediately after each application to make sure I removed any blackness. That stuff really shines up the gold and I will likely use it anytime the watch needs a shine. Here's my not so sophisticated setup: Once the case was absolutely perfect, i reassembled everything, cut the new stem to length, places the crown in the hole and it slid exactly into place. Not sure what happened but maybe removing the glue and compacting everything down helped just enough. Couldn't be happier. She's better than ever!!!!!! Thanks to all who chimed in. She's back baby!!!
  6. Sweet Jesus specs please. That thing is stunning.
  7. No offense taken A. No one expects a forum on rep watches to be your first priority in life. Thanks for checking in. Gold solution to touch up the case is here and new stem arrived so I'll let you know how things progress. No input needed at this time but please stand by. :-)
  8. Sweet looking case. Please post pics when you get it assembled
  9. Stunning watch
  10. Welcome and sorry you got burned. The people around here would never do such a thing and actually do a great service by helping people spot non-genuine watches. What you'll realize is that no one and I mean no one, knows more about watches than the people on replica forums. They build them piece by piece and know every detail. It's an amazing place and if you stick around you'll learn too. Love your speedy. My 105.012 says hello.
  11. Yes it makes sense. My tachy definitely has the flat 1mm height before the slope starts, which accordingly to you would indicate a gen tachy. You can see the flat height very clearly in a number of the pictures I posted above. Look at the pictures where I'm just holding the tachy or where you can see the back of the tachy where the dial mates. You can easily see about a 1mm step or flat surface before the slope of the tachy starts on the top side.
  12. Or here: FS: Rolex 116610 / 16610 AR Crystal https://rwg.cc/index.php?/topic/189350-FS%3A-Rolex-116610---16610-AR-Crystal
  13. Dremel or sandpaper.
  14. Wow, really love this 1680! Specs?
  15. Yeah, I know it's not the movement holder because it's irrelevant to the stackup. The dial fits against the back of the tachy and the dial is flush with the movement so the only thing that can affect where the movement is positioned with respect to the case (crown position) is the back of the tacky. The no glue will help for sure. Probably lowered it half a mm. I have a new stem on the way. I can't believe the old one came out. We'll see how it looks when I get it reassembled. Are you sure this tachy is rep? It was sold to me by Chris as gen. I paid $600. At the end of the day I don't care too much because the color is absolutely perfect but it's the principle that is upsetting. Conveniently, Chris seems to have disappeared. Thanks for the reply!!