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  1. Very nice! More pictures, please
  2. Here is a list of people on RWG that may be able to replace your crystal. https://rwg.cc/forum/179-repairmodification-services/
  3. Is the crystal acrylic? Mineral glass? Sapphire?
  4. Where are you located? There are some repair choices listed here... https://rwg.cc/forum/179-repairmodification-services/
  5. Beautiful! You need to show off the back of that watch. Probably the best watch back ever made!
  6. Not sure, but I'm guessing this is a Kermit?
  7. You have 9 posts on a watch forum and this is what you choose to share?
  8. Great! How did Helson hear of your problem? It's nice that they are taking care of you.
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