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  1. On the RWG homepage, scroll down to Repair/Modification Services, and look for Neckyzips Orologeria. Send him a message and he'll tell you where to ship the watch and how much it will cost. His work is great.
  2. Gen Speedmaster on a rep bracelet
  3. I haven't heard of oboy. Do you mean ebay?
  4. I'm sure she will especially love it knowing that you made it for her!
  5. Looks great! How does she like it?
  6. Very nice! I see two cases in the pictures. Planning on making a second watch?
  7. Wahoo! I always loved seeing your builds!
  8. Looks gen to me. The reps had a less defined case back. I would still have it checked, people do put gen parts on rep watches.
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