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Lets revive this section.. Show Your Omega


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Here are two of my Omega reps.

The first is an Omega Seamaster Professional….a full sized (42mm) Bond watch. I bought this watch to see if I should buy the gen, and I liked it so much I picked up the gen. The obvious tells are the stubby crown guards and the slightly off HE valve, but other than that, it is EXTREMELY true to the original.


The 2nd is the first rep I bought….an Omega Broad Arrow…this is an automatic chronograph with an asian high-beat 7750. The dial is white with “blued” hands, and it has this beautifully domed mineral crystal. This is the first watch that I ever got multiple comments on from people. It definitely has wrist presence! Over the years the hands have tarnished a bit, but it is still a stunning watch.


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On 2/10/2024 at 4:27 AM, oldtools said:

Speedmaster MoonSwatch with a stainless case and Holzer bracelet



Moonswatch 1.jpg

amazing work right here, can I ask where to get the case set you have used? is it a straight case and bracelet swap or mods needed in order to achieve this mod?  or just the movement holder?

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Here is most of what is left of my vintage Omega 'collection'.

May it RIP.


Iirc, I do still have two or three running Omegas somewhere, one being an old bumper wind Seamaster.  Used to wear a vintage Omega now and then before parts went n/a.

It has been said that Omega (back when it was Omega, not Swatch-O-mega) went down the street with wheelbarrows, buying parts from anyone who had them.  Then they all met in a back alley and stuck watches together using the parts. 

Of course it was just a joke, but after working on them...

Even if two Omegas look exactly alike...they are probably not alike.


The 5xx movements were their Heroes.  The 1000 series was their Downfall.  Imho.  Quartz watches were rapidly killing off mechanical watches back then anyway.

Today's Coax is cool but who is going to fix it when it blows up?  Not Uncle Bob's Watch Repair down the street, all he does now is swap out dead batts because he can't get parts.

Oh, I forgot...Swatch-O-mega Inc. will fix it for only $950 (just a guess).  Plus tax and shipping charges.


It's no wonder why replicas are such a Big Hit today.

Color me cynical.   :black_eye:   Just a little bit.  Ha!


Omega's Biggest Mistake: Calibre 1000 (youtube.com)


4-19-24...Pic of the old bumper wind Seamaster mentioned above...


Ratty redial but the watch is in good condition, no case corrosion or rust on movement.

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