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  1. cib0rgman

    Latest Subamariner iterations?

    which one the latest version, I had seen so many that I can not keep track of which is the current one. which is the better one. anyone?
  2. cib0rgman

    Tudor Gmt black bay is out

    Yeah. a Picture would be great
  3. cib0rgman

    Ladies handbags recommendations please

    Ask Ken he is the best
  4. cib0rgman

    Tudor Gmt black bay is out

    has anyone buy one of these yet.
  5. cib0rgman

    Ivan/Dark Lord

    No soup for you. hah!!!!
  6. I agree with you. not even close to the real thing
  7. I am yet to see one of these poster here. last time I check there was no stock
  8. cib0rgman

    FS: Rolex Daytona SS White Dial Ref#116520

    your first post. Really!!
  9. Thanks for the reply. I waited three weeks for the QC pictures and none arrived, so I cancelled the order, it look like the factories are not able to supply the demand. or maybe is not really ready for the market
  10. cib0rgman

    New Noob slim Daytona

    how about a picxture
  11. Has anyone received one of these. I ordered one from Trusty three weeks ago and still nothing. is the stock low or there are none available from the factory? Just wondering If I should ask for a refund and forget about it.
  12. cib0rgman

    Rep Waterproofing

    All of my watches had gone into the water when scuba without any sort of waterproofing. just be sure that the crow is screw down well and go have fun. I don't do that anymore. I use a dive computer
  13. cib0rgman

    Rolex Warranty Cards?

    wanting to buy a rolex card is an waste of money. what for, the watch is a replica anyway you see it
  14. cib0rgman

    Noob Fully functional Chrono Daytona VS ARF

    Does Tusty have a different version than Puretime of the Noob Fully functional Daytona. their prices are different?
  15. cib0rgman

    Getting watches shipped to germany. Any issues

    Or I can just travel to the UK for a weekend and bring it back