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  1. I just ordered the Noob V10, but how can I tell the difference between the V10 and V9, what is stopping the dealers from send ing a V9 instead a V10?
  2. i have not look yet. but i think that the Gen will fit. I think cousings sell that or ottrofrei
  3. How Rolex sitre list the submariner for under $8,500 but everywhere i see it cost around 10K or more. where do people buy them?
  4. Anyone looking for comments on the V10. I keep waiting to see when it ends, but there is always a new one.
  5. agreed but. he is always busy. I am waiting for him have an opening
  6. Hello, The He valve come off on my PO, some how it in screw. does anybody know where to get one, does the Gen fits. Thanks
  7. I will keep that in mind if Domi is not able to accomodate me
  8. thanks for the reply. i contacted Domi and He will let me know visit him. cheers
  9. wow. I live 30 minutes away from Frankfurt. he is active here
  10. Looking for a reliable person who can service a MBW 1665 with a Rolex movement. I am located in Germany Thanks Cyb
  11. is there a Submariner that comes with a SH3135 and Gen movement parts can be switch correct? Which dealer is best for Europe delivery Thanks
  12. as the title says. which dealer ship to germany and url link thanks
  13. from who you sourced? if i may know Thanks
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