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  1. Watch Repair needed in NYC area

    +1 on misiekped
  2. oh well. there are plenty of great examples here, no worries
  3. In Florida Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Are rolexes cheaper in florida

    That is exactly what I think, is all about showing what you have. I was hoping to find a cheap Rolex. Pawn shop probably do well here. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G925A using Tapatalk
  5. Are rolexes cheaper in florida

    I hear you, I think people here are more into what you have, opossed to who you are. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G925A using Tapatalk
  6. thanks for that, I have a couple of movements that do not run or the stem will not go back in. i figure it will be cheaper to buy another movement than send them for service /repair
  7. I moved to Florida back in January and noticed that everybody wear some kind of Rolex model. I am thinking that the market here is better for the buyer or i could be wrong. Maybe Floridian like to pretend they have money like me with a fake Rolex. lol! many of the one I had seen look Gen watches, I could be wrong.
  8. looking for a Chinese DG gmt movement for 1675 Anybody has a link that can share? Thanks
  9. 1665 Gen hand, how to stabilize lume

  10. I am sure that someone has done this before, I have this set of Gent 1665 hands or better said Gen Rolex hand that fit a 1665, some of the lume if coming off, What can i do to stabilize it and stop it from keep falling off? Cheers Cyb
  11. just sent you a PM cheers Cyb
  12. Getting a little frustrated here over a project that it has been 4 years in the making when i was about to finish it, the movement stops ticking. now I need someone who can service and ETA 2893-2 GMT movement. This when I feel that I should drop all the reps I have and go Gen. Also my beloved MBW 1665 which has a 1570 movement inside now it will not change dates Let me know of someone in the USa that can be trusted with servicing these two Regards Cyb