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  1. Has anyone received one of these. I ordered one from Trusty three weeks ago and still nothing. is the stock low or there are none available from the factory? Just wondering If I should ask for a refund and forget about it.
  2. cib0rgman

    Rep Waterproofing

    All of my watches had gone into the water when scuba without any sort of waterproofing. just be sure that the crow is screw down well and go have fun. I don't do that anymore. I use a dive computer
  3. cib0rgman

    Rolex Warranty Cards?

    wanting to buy a rolex card is an waste of money. what for, the watch is a replica anyway you see it
  4. cib0rgman

    Noob Fully functional Chrono Daytona VS ARF

    Does Tusty have a different version than Puretime of the Noob Fully functional Daytona. their prices are different?
  5. cib0rgman

    Getting watches shipped to germany. Any issues

    Or I can just travel to the UK for a weekend and bring it back
  6. cib0rgman

    Getting watches shipped to germany. Any issues

    No. Corporate Transfer. I Work on IT
  7. Guys, I am moving to Germany. Is there any issues getting watches shipped there? I trying to decide if I should order now while I am still in the USA Thanks
  8. cib0rgman

    New V2 ARF SD arrived today

    Nice Watch, perhaps too big for me. I wish there were a Fully functional ARF Daytona
  9. cib0rgman

    New V2 ARF SD arrived today

    How big is this one compared to the classic submariner? Thanks
  10. this topic is boring. has already been discussed, who care if is replica or not. you can fool yourslef
  11. cib0rgman

    Installing a hev valve on a cartel 1665

    a long time ago The Zigmeister did that on m MBW 1665, you need skills for that, as you know the HE valve is fake, so a hole has to be drilled and do all the other things that come with the job. not easy to do.
  12. cib0rgman

    Tightening the cartel 1665 bezel assembly

    use a plastic knife as a wedge between the bezel and the case at the beginning is tricky or a table knife, just be careful not to cut yourself or scratch the case
  13. cib0rgman

    Tightening the cartel 1665 bezel assembly

    you may be missing the friction ring? if not, bend it a little bit to reduce the diameter and that will help. Now if your a 1665 is Gen specs 1665 the best option is a phong Complete assembly. I have one on my MBW and I could not be happier
  14. does the Noob uses the same movement that the ARF? Is there an ARF Fully functional Chrono already out? I would like to hear comments from whoever has one already Thanks