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  1. Awesome Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Wonderful my friend! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. JWR

    Hi my friend

    I hav eanother guy offering to buy the green AP, are you still wanting it as I do not want to lose a sale


  4. Can someone contact me - i did a one-month membership and it won't stop auto-renewing and charging my card...
  5. JWR

    GMT2C spare links

    That is them... that would be amazing!
  6. Need 1 or 2 spare links for a GMT 2 Ceramic... any idea where to find these? Thnaks
  7. JWR

    IWC deployants

    I have seen both the deployant with the IWC Schaffhausen in block letters on the inside, and International Watch Company in script on the inside - is one of higher quality than the other? Which is correct for a Big Pilot 5004?
  8. Does anyone know where it's possible to find either an 18mm or 20mm (does 20mm exist?) IWC tang buckle?
  9. Have a few-year old SMP chrono that is a bit loose in the bezel (there's a bit of play in it) - how would one go about removing and/or tightening the action?
  10. What's the deal with the Sead OEM style crown guard?
  11. I would be in if photos of the final product would become available.
  12. Does anyone know who offers replacement ceramic bezels for the GMT IIC?
  13. Has this been discussed? http://www.jpc8118.com/000000000unmd10001-maxi-marine-diver-ssru-blue-surf-asia-p-6969.html Cheap!
  14. Are those genuine straps on the spitfire and St. Ex?
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