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  1. one for the ladies works great , solid with solid links good condition afew marks but glass good , nice quality , not my bag but a nice well made watch 40 plus post £4 or rest of the globe postage £9.50 no notes in paypal thanks G.B.
  2. Hi all I will be making afew vintage datejusts soon from my suitcase of spares , some with orig dials and parts , Russian, Italian and other early quality correct shape drilled cases 100s of parts to go through watch this space thanks
  3. Hi I Didn't say 5 Rolex"s , just 1 , i said 5 watches , i bought 1 , also i have been here for some time not just "popped up" thank you ..

  4. hi OK, so is the movement 100 % gen in your opinion ? ii cannot fault it the date flips over so quickly and precisely i cannot fathom how they could clone it that well ? thanks for any more input I have worn it a few times works perfectly i was just a little unsure due to the great condition but the movement screams correct to me
  5. Thanks for the apology, N.L.P slight of eye your brain must work slightly different to my northern one it also has a hacking feature when crown is pulled out stopping the watch , so not sure if this was ever done on reps?
  6. no idea what you're rabbiting on about its ONE watch quite obviously ...
  7. Hi not relevant to the post sorry what i want to know is is it a Swiss clone or correct .
  8. hi thats not the question sorry i am just looking for info it has not been worn thanks
  9. Any info on this anyone ? i bought it at a fair off a lady who knew nothing about it and was selling 5 of her late husbands watches Thanks
  10. Dear Geordie,

    is the watch still avaiable?

    Is paypalpayment in Euro possible?
    If yes pleas quote Euro Price.

    Many thanks, Kind regards


  11. Hi sorry thats not available i have the one for sale on here in a watch (titus) or the movement woth rolex dial also on here 70 for the serviced one or 25 for the other plus post ta GB
  12. I have a fully serviced eta 2784 With stick hands in a working watch if you are interested thanks GB
  13. hi no external lug holes just internal thanks

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