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  1. bobandshawn

    New Vintage Superfranken Datejust

    Agreed - and two very nice examples!
  2. bobandshawn

    New Vintage Superfranken Datejust

    Thanks, but no. I build all my own watches as a hobby/talking point. Another $1500 for a gen movement and I could buy the real deal from a AD and have all the advantages that a gen would have... B
  3. Hi guys, This is the culmination of over a year's search. Originally this was built with a gold dial, but the gold was too overpowering on an all steel case set. I finally found the perfect dial (for me). It's hard to tell the color because it varies by the lighting. It's kind of a creamy vintage, faded yellow, silvery dial with Gold indices. The gold hands complete the look and it matches my two-tone wedding band perfectly (OCD is an expensive disease). All Gen except the Swiss ETA. B
  4. bobandshawn

    An interesting video on the rolex crown on a lathe

    Nice find. I'm willing to bet it would be just as expensive to have a machinist re-sleeve the thread than to just buy a new used crown. Unless you already have the setup and experience... @jmb B
  5. bobandshawn

    Pick a 1016 Dial (please)

    I actually looked at that one about an hour ago. Thanks! B
  6. bobandshawn

    Pick a 1016 Dial (please)

    Aware. Thanks. Just looking to see if this is worth the upgrade from a Yuki. I'm kind of stalled in my builds/mods and this will be one of the last unless there is a glaring error in the layout of these...
  7. bobandshawn

    Pick a 1016 Dial (please)

    I'm gonna see what they say. Apparently you don't order the same as other vendors. They have to contact you after an inquiry... B
  8. bobandshawn

    Pick a 1016 Dial (please)

    Hi guys, Probably one of my last purchases is an upgrade to my beater 1016. I think Ruby is the best value/quality option, but I really can't tell any obvious differences between 1, 2, and 6? Any help??? http://rubyswatch.com/Products/parts/explorer-i-ii B
  9. bobandshawn

    Why so many time wasters lately?

    It's really surprising to see which posts get a shitload of traction - and which posts just wither and die... B
  10. bobandshawn

    Ivan/Dark Lord

    I once knew a puffer from east LA...is that the same as a fluffer???
  11. bobandshawn

    Ivan/Dark Lord

    OP - maybe pick a new username and try again after contributing for a few years... B
  12. Hi Guys, Heading out to LA next month for a conference. First and probably only time I'll get to LA. I have a general list of things to check out, but was wondering if there's anything interesting that the locals might recommend? Mostly for sites (photos), and food (I'm a bit of a foodie geek)... In and out burger Pinks hot dogs Walk of fame Fat burger Melrose Ave Beverly hills area Chinatown Hollywood sign Hollywood bowl No suggestions too touristy or lame (as obviously reflected above). Thanks, B
  13. bobandshawn

    So what’s it all about?

  14. bobandshawn

    Why so many time wasters lately?

    Probably just drunk-buying. Buyer's remorse... B