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  1. bobandshawn

    Can the rivet on fliplock clasp be removed?

    Great info for noob modders! B
  2. bobandshawn

    New watch smith!

  3. bobandshawn

    What is a Frankenstein watch?

    Personally, I think the minimum to be considered a franken is gen dial, gen bezel, gen insert, gen crown. Hands vary based on movement, and a gen case is preferred!
  4. bobandshawn

    Where can I buy a good replica Rolex from?

    Read the forum "stickies". Everything is laid out for noobs in FAQ fashion...
  5. bobandshawn

    WTB: Bulova accutron spaceview

    Odd place to look for one....
  6. bobandshawn

    What ever happened to River?

    I believe he is more readily accessed on the homageforum... B
  7. bobandshawn

    Relume tutorial?

    Search for CWAZY lume tutorial on YouTube...
  8. bobandshawn

    Give away price on eta powered watch??

    Nothing here either...
  9. bobandshawn

    Does anyone know what happened to tc

    Looooong gone. Only used are available now.
  10. bobandshawn

    JMB cases and gen tubes?

  11. bobandshawn

    contact stonep

  12. bobandshawn

    JMB cases and gen tubes?

    Hi guys, I'm waiting for Justin to respond, but in the interim does anyone know if gen tubes fit the jmb 1016 cases without having to re-drill and tap? Thanks, Bob
  13. bobandshawn

    Repgeek members question ?

    Yup...just you it seems.
  14. bobandshawn

    A source for Vietnamese Dials and Rolex movements

    No [censored]!?!? That would do it...