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  1. Long time no speak bud, but since you posted this would you mind pm'ing me to discuss ? I am looking for a decent case to build a sub (5512/13/17 1680, 16610). I have access to the ST cases but am leary of the crown guards... Thanks, Bob
  2. Getting rid of mine but not sure there's interest. PM me and I'll set up pics and a sales thread... B
  3. 2836 is solid, reliable, repairable by almost anyone. Not so on the other that WILL break down sooner.
  4. Oh [censored]. Couldn't handle that. My experience is strictly computer-based, I dont access via phone.
  5. I've never received popups from any of the fora. Maybe a setting you have overlooked...?
  6. Thanks, I know there's been a lot of talk lately about microns and coating differences. Just wondering if there's a big difference between $60/$100/$200 before jumping to $600 for a 14k gold rep. Here is that link https://www.ebay.com/itm/20MM-14K-GOLD-TWO-TONE-JUBILEE-WATCH-BAND-FOR-ROLEX-DATEJUST-16233-16013-16014/171802160552 Bob
  7. Looking for a bracelet for my DJ. Are these worth the extra money? Might be able to find a beater GEN for about double that... https://www.ebay.com/itm/20MM-14K-GO...cAAOSwN9NdDJjp Thanks, Bob
  8. I found that the Gel-Pen refills can be lightly modded and write wonderfully. Focus on the pen itself...
  9. Brando's "bezel" was just the retaining ring with the bezel removed...
  10. You sure you emailed the correct address?
  11. Yes, but its tricky. You need two tools...tweezers or tiny screwdrivers to leverage the hand. One near the the pinion, under the hand - and then push down near the tip of the hand with the other at the same time. Kind of a torqueing press.
  12. Love bracelets, but sometimes a nice strap brings some welcome variety on the weekends...
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