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  1. Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

    NICE. Mine should be OTW now. Gen dial, Gen crystal, Gen crown, Gen insert, Gen jubilee... B
  2. Rolex 5513 Let's see some 5513s

  3. How to age lume?

    What if the lume isn't very angry - let alone raging??? B
  4. How to age lume?

    Water-color markers work great and have boundless flexibility on a finished dial. If you are reluming you can add some pigment from a pastel artist crayon into the lume. Many colors simulation vintage. I just file some dust into the lume when mixing.
  5. Franken Rolex 16013 Datejust Finally Finished!

    With the gold bezel back on it's 16013...with a 1604 bracelet. Correct? @tomhorn B
  6. Franken Rolex 16013 Datejust Finally Finished!

    Well that certainly answers that. Does it look ok? I'm on the fence and they exchange very easily...
  7. Franken Rolex 16013 Datejust Finally Finished!

    I had it set up as a TT with gold bezel...but the bezel didn't look right. It seems "slimmer" somehow... Swapped it back...?
  8. Franken Rolex 16013 Datejust Finally Finished!

    WAIT - I just noticed - NO SCREWS???
  9. Hey guys, Finally finished my latest personal watch - a 1978 16013 TT DJ. It started as a M2M with some issues, but everything finally came together! GEN case GEN caseback GEN engine-turned bezel GEN crown tube GEN gold crown GEN dial GEN hands (Tudor) GEN bracelet GEN clasp The only thing rep is the Selita SW 220 driving it. Now properly mounted and keeping COSC time. I tried a TT Jubilee and a GEN gold beel but it looked too “blingy” for my taste. Let me know if you need a gold bezel... GEN jubilee bracelet came today so if anyone would like to provide input on gen/rep it would be greatly appreciated before I leave feedback! @occb2, @pompompurin, @smoke
  10. Rolex pocket watch

    Can't image roles making ANYTHING without markings on the movement. Dial is probably gen...
  11. 1570 datewheel overlay

    Hmmm. Just ordered one... B
  12. Rolex Wristies thread

  13. Looking for modder in EU (Rolex Datejust)

    What country?
  14. Help needed

    Yup - too bad...
  15. Source for Cartel cases

    Josh used to sell cases..."gen spec' but won't anymore...disappointing.