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  1. I found that the Gel-Pen refills can be lightly modded and write wonderfully. Focus on the pen itself...
  2. Brando's "bezel" was just the retaining ring with the bezel removed...
  3. You sure you emailed the correct address?
  4. Yes, but its tricky. You need two tools...tweezers or tiny screwdrivers to leverage the hand. One near the the pinion, under the hand - and then push down near the tip of the hand with the other at the same time. Kind of a torqueing press.
  5. Love bracelets, but sometimes a nice strap brings some welcome variety on the weekends...
  6. Damnit - missed that...
  7. Sorry. I just heard the sound of spoons dropping...
  8. Super nice. That is one Seiko I would like to eventually have in the collection (for wet work)...
  9. Backstory: I was born in April of 1962 in Queens, New York. My Godfather and Aunt both worked for Bulova at the time. My uncle was a tool and die maker and my aunt was in assembly. When I first left the hospital we lived with them in their small apartment until my immigrant parents could get their own place. Growing up I was always surrounded by Bulova and Caravelle products, and the iconic Spaceview was the watch of choice for all the men in my family. I was able to find a 1962 Spaceview in Amsterdam several years ago and was delighted that I could afford it! Years passed and I ended up giving it to my grown daughter as a memento and she was thrilled with the history and meaning of it. My uncle recently died which made me feel regret for having done that - but I certainly wasn't going to ask for it back. Fast forward to this past Monday and I finally have another spaceview in-hand. All original and unmolested 62' with chapter ring and keeping time beautifully. B
  10. Great build! Maybe some day...
  11. ^^Exactly. I am down to only three watches - but they are all Superfrankens I've built myself! 1976-1986
  12. Garbage. Stick to the TD's...
  13. Does it stop at the same spot each time? Does the movement still stop when de-cased? B
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