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  1. bobandshawn

    Clone eta 2836-2 movement where would you buy?

    If you're interested I can post an almost new ETA 2836 for about the clone price. I really need a 2824... B
  2. bobandshawn

    Black 1016

    Sad to see that done to a JMB case- with all it's unbounded potential and all. But hey...whatever floats ur boat. B
  3. bobandshawn

    Submariner build help

    Show off...
  4. bobandshawn

    Submariner build help

    I'm sure I know much! LOL. But the whole chunky guards with the paperclip retaining wire is throwing me...? Bi-directional 11610? That little indent doesn't look deep enough for a spring and ball. Can't see a hole for any other click. Just seems "off" somehow...probably just not what I'm used to working with. B
  5. bobandshawn

    Submariner build help

    You sure? B
  6. bobandshawn

    Black 1016

    Hard to make out any detail. Looking forward to seeing something assembled...
  7. bobandshawn

    Gasket advice from modders?

    I agree too. That's why i'm asking. I don't want to piece-meal this. B
  8. bobandshawn

    Gasket advice from modders?

    Hi guys (and gals?), Anyone have a good source for a variety of DECENT caseback O-rings? Every other set seems to be waaay too big with stupid size ranges from tiny to huge (96 pieces, 144 pieces, too thick, too thin). Anyone have luck with a useful set for use in subs and datejusts? Link would be GREAT!!! Thank you for responses, Bob
  9. bobandshawn

    Let's build a franken Tudor 76200 Date-Day

    You mention "kit" several times. Where can we find this "kit"? B
  10. bobandshawn

    Low beat movement for 5513 build.... ETA 2840....

    How is this different from any other eta 28XX? B
  11. bobandshawn

    JMB '1016' project update...

    You are one detailed modder!!! Thanks for that - and congratulations! B
  12. No story needed! Where do I send my money!!! B
  13. bobandshawn

    Anyone Want to Show Us Your Work Area?

    Great to see them all though!!!
  14. Hey guys, I've seen one of these posts every once in a while across the fora but nothing recently. Anyone want to show off your work area? May give the rest of us some ideas...mine is strictly budget - but I'll start. B
  15. bobandshawn

    JMB '1016' project update...

    Super glue gel (gives 10-20 seconds of work time.) Three equi-spaced drops on the outside edge of the movement, then lower the spacer to set. Then same process to attach dial to spacer... B