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  1. Does it stop at the same spot each time? Does the movement still stop when de-cased? B
  2. Thanks, that's more like what I was looking for. (The ST case...those guards are too short). I don't believe an ETA will fit into a JF using a SH3135...unless I'm wrong? I was looking for something more comparable to a TC, I guess...BP? Not really striving for a super-franken
  3. Thanks. I saw that string starts in 2015...was hoping there was some consensus about which base to start with in 2019 given the details in my post. B
  4. Hi Guys, I think I'm finally going to attempt a long-term project since I've pretty much done all the 5513s/6538s/1680s etc. that I could ever want. The reason this will be long-term is because of the gold parts. My goal is a reasonable 16613. So here is where I need the advice - Which is the best 5-digit base for ETA to start out with? I plan on having it on leather so a bracelet is not an issue. Plans include an *ST gold bezel, Gen gold crown, and Gen insert with Gen ETA and Raffles DWO. So, I guess it really comes down to good ETA hands and dial choice?! Perfection is not the goal, but I am averse to stubby crownguards. Thanks in advance. Any and all advice is appreciated! ~B P.S. - please don't tell me to do my research. I know there are dozens of topics and hundreds of posts on this. Just looking for something concise and up to date.
  5. Personally, I think the minimum to be considered a franken is gen dial, gen bezel, gen insert, gen crown. Hands vary based on movement, and a gen case is preferred!
  6. Read the forum "stickies". Everything is laid out for noobs in FAQ fashion...
  7. I believe he is more readily accessed on the homageforum... B
  8. Search for CWAZY lume tutorial on YouTube...
  9. Looooong gone. Only used are available now.
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