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  1. Gordon Ramsay - What is this

    He's worn Raymond Weil in the past (yellow dial)...not sure what this is. B
  2. 1016 Explorer w/lug holes

    I'm in for one if the project is successful! B
  3. Where is that rep case for 2824 going??? B
  4. new source for vintage rolex dials???

    Folks on RWI say no response, no reply for a looong time. Seems to no longer be viable. B
  5. 1016 Explorer w/lug holes

    That's the one!!!
  6. 1016 Explorer w/lug holes

    Nope. Not in that price range. B
  7. 1962 gilt 5512 PCG

    Beautiful work Chris. This would be my birth-year grail should you ever choose to part with it! Bob
  8. 580 Aftermaket Endlinks besides WholeSaleOutlet (Ebay)?

    WSO's are cheaper if you buy them in sets of (3?) I think. Just buy some and then reinforce them like mentioned. Easiest route in my eyes... B
  9. Submariner 6538

    Very nice! Good job brassing that bezel as well... B
  10. mrtoulouse

    Sorry friend. Very sad... B
  11. Omega Seamaster Professional 2254.8000 Project

    Nicely done!
  12. Word Association Thread

  13. If I'm not mistaken, all these variables can be accommodated with the use of various size dial spacers (or none) and different Canon pinions if necessary... B
  14. WTB 1575 movment clamp screw

    WSO won't sell to you??? B
  15. tc sub

    Have to agree with this... B