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  1. 1680 red

    Nicely done. I would REALLY like to get one of those folded bracelets!
  2. Someone in US.. Buy these ASAP!!

    Can't be gen at these prices???? B
  3. Saw this on Pinterest

    GREAT!!! Zoomable Full size here: ~B https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kLp8DRuiLQnkQyvRjJYhSGUKG6QODMIm
  4. 1962 gilt 5512 PCG

  5. 1962 gilt 5512 PCG

    Christophe, As previously mentioned, this is my birth year grail (never afford a gen). If she and the big crown ever get in a fight and you need to keep them apart, I'll be happy to pay for their separation...(and shipping!) B
  6. Mixed feelings about my work...

    Great idea. Simple. Easy.
  7. Mesh or Engineers

  8. Our trusted dealers are located on the main page. The rest is up to you... B
  9. Trying to buy replica rolex

    Yeah. I bought some yarn once. Remember, this is really illegal and they get creative sometimes...
  10. Trying to buy replica rolex

    Did you use the contact info from the TD list on our main page?
  11. Review of Rolex Submariner WM9 v2

    Want a spoon with that???
  12. Hi I Didn't say 5 Rolex"s , just 1 , i said 5 watches , i bought 1 , also i have been here for some time not just "popped up" thank you ..

  13. Want to buy and mod a Rolex Sub, plz help!

    Yuki is the best rep option insert. If not, just go gen - it's one of the biggest tells. New datewheel overlay is adhered over the old one.
  14. GMT II Root beer Info 1675 model 11.72 folded links

    More plausible than OP's story... B
  15. Want to buy and mod a Rolex Sub, plz help!

    Datewheel. Crystal. Insert and you're good to go...