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  1. Admin

    Happy Birthday kdr3!

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome !!!!
  3. Noob Here......Continuing my info Journey...........Time well spent here..... Thanks Very Much:)
  4. WOW......Do you guys ever sell these? Noobie here noticing ANY of these would make a very nice daily driver for me How much do these sell for?...any of the three or first 2 in the thread... Cheers ! kdr3
  5. Hello, Long time listener, first time caller......(Noob Here) ...Have owned many Rolex Rep's over the years and loved buying and selling on the net. Developing a feel for how good they can get and what makes them look great and what makes them look like canal street NYC.....I did not know all the details of movements and serious info that is here for people to learn.....I've got some reading to do here....Look forward to learning and conversing with all of you.... Cheers kdr3
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