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  1. Happy Birthday duke1973!

  2. I think you did a damn fine job! Wear it well buddy!
  3. Some pretty impressive prototypes here!
  4. Probably not, USPS doesnt scan internation parcels except for customs. Unless you friend used express/EMS. If he did then the next scan it will probably get is "delivered"!
  5. PBDad said the bezel construction is gen construction but he didn't say if he has tried gen parts/insert.
  6. The dealers also have the black bezel insert model with superlume w/no rehaut engraving but from the pics it looks to be wokky too?
  7. Nice! Where are you? I see it's water resistant!
  8. Yep, that's the one I'm asking about. Thanks for posting the link, for some reason I couldn't copy/paste anything from Josh's site? I thought it looked a little wokky but wanted some other members to look at also. Thanks for the help so far!
  9. On Perfect Clones it's the new 16710 GMT Master II "Ultimate version" with superlume. For some reason I can't copy and paste from his website??
  10. I'm wanting to pick up a GMT Master II (non-ceramic) with coke or pepsi bezel. The newest models from the TD's finally have superlume which is what I've been waiting for. But my question is.....How are they? I would love to see some real world owner pics of one of the new sapphire crystal models. Or any of the Rolex masters who have looked at the pics of the newest superlumed offerings to tell me what flaws they see. Thanks for help in advance, Duke1973
  11. this is the WORST time of year for shipping international..... It could take days or weeks depending on customs. Nothing you can do but wait it out,
  12. the crown guards and pearl DO look better on these! Too bad about the hands....
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