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  1. This beauty has so much character I see your Alaska and raise you a North Greenland
  2. I love seeing these. I don't think I would ever buy a watch from a dealer or auction house, there's just so much known subterfuge and fabrication going on. And the whole aristocratic atmosphere they try to convey to hype up a watch is detestable.
  3. Looks very straightforward to me. Let us see the results. +1 on checking with Ruby , you'll save a ton, although I'm not sure she has those dials.
  4. Thirded. I was really looking forward to seeing this one done. Go ETA for now if you have to. It sounds like you may get a refund in time?
  5. two glossy gilt chapter ring dials
  6. Looks great, these are very cool little watches
  7. Those Wittnauer divers are great. I've recently become interested in what are generally called "skin divers" in web listings, the smaller, Submariner inspired, squared off cases produced in the 60s by a ton of different manufacturers. The problem is you can't get them for $25 anymore! The vast majority of vintage divers have not aged well. They're beat to hell with missing or moldy looking lume all over the dial, and look as though even some slight humidity would flood them. And a lot of the designs just aren't very attractive. Most of the 3-6-9 dials out there do not do it for me. I hate the 70s baton hand look. The attractive designs in good condition definitely command a premium, $800-2000 it seems. Here's one I've really had my eye on, an early Benrus. I'd love to start a collection of off brand divers, I just get the feeling that they aren't worth what they're being offered for these days. Then you have some niche classic divers , that, while not Rolex, are going to cost you nearly as much . The ones from Gruen, Blancpain, LeCoultre, Breitling, Zenith, and of course the Seamasters. I do think the Submariner is one of the best looking divers, especially pre crown guard, but there are definitely some rivals out there.
  8. Yeah, I agree Rolex is maintaining the niche for mechanical watches as luxury status symbols, which had arisen naturally when they were integral for daily life-- at one point the better timepiece corresponded to being able to better tell time. What I don't agree with is the supposed importance of judging people based on what's on their wrist. This writer sees the world through the shallow eyes of consumerism, shown by the mere fact he would write such an article. There are other reasons to wear a watch; chiefly for me it is the nod to history, technical achievement, artful design, and personal style. Status and wealth never factor in to it for many of us.
  9. The poster who called contemporary Rolex a jewelry company specializing in precious metal watches was spot on. They've gone so deep after the prestige image that they now carry what is to me an ugly reputation for appealing mainly to the vapid crowd of people who put prestige and the appearance of success over everything in life. Not knocking anyone who wears modern Rolex but I see very little in common between their vintage brilliance and the products they are releasing today. The designs haven't changed all that much but the spirit has.
  10. You've heard of tropical dials but have you heard of algaefied?
  11. Decal dial has a slate kind of look in certain light
  12. I spotted it just barely in time I don't think I will ever get used to the big, fat, applied numbers that Rolex and many other brands put on their modern watches. They look so overbearing and unnatural to me, like a bad fake, I just don't get the trend. I don't think the functional aspect of when these markers were originally fat lume plots translates to a luxury look at all.
  13. cherry blossoms intensify
  14. Thanks, I wish I had gotten this rundown a lot earlier, this post oughta be stickied for everybody. The Long 5 insert really makes your 5513 stand out. Oh and I guess the dark lord dial doesnt hurt either It is one of the nicest watches on here IMO.
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