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  1. lol.. good points guys. That thread is really amusing. After one past attempt I discovered that repairing a bent hairspring will forever be beyond my level of patience and precision.
  2. Call me a kid, but I like knowing that I'll still be able to tell time after the EMP attack from a rogue separatist group that's sure to follow in the fallout from the pandemic
  3. Cracked rotor, how does that even happen?? Must have been some crazy temperature variation or else someone forced in an axle that didn't fit. I guess your decision depends on how much you want to keep the watch, or if there's a special lady who might want it. I was bidding on a Tudor 7809 today, the Tudor version of a "Pre-Explorer".. and I was surprised at how much it went for. I'm not sure the market has totally nosedived yet.
  4. Haha, the old "movement not running but balance swings freely"
  5. It doesn't look like a Rolex insert to me. The bezel diameter is just a little small for the watch and I think a RSC would have used a 1675 type bezel as a replacement. Better pics of the bezel profile would help us. EDIT: Just noticed Nanuq's ID of the bezel in the other thread. I would follow others advice and get the best reproduction you can find, or maybe a few of them, and try some different aging methods. This is the look you want. If this is indeed an original 6542, it's worth well over 6 figures, even without the bezel. If you were to sell the watch it -could- be worth it to get a real 6542 bezel and insert first to complete it, but most likely not in my opinion as the collectors really want everything all original to the watch.
  6. That's not a Submariner bezel either unfortunately, or else it could be worth a good amount. But very cool watch and you should be able to find a good rep bezel and insert from the people here.
  7. That was a good and depressing read I think the huge difference between the luxury watch industry and auto industry is that there was no catastrophic crash in the auto industry due to a functionally superior technology emerging, as happened in the "quartz crisis". A company has to take drastic measures to stay alive when it sells a product that nobody actually needs anymore, and I think that monopoly of parts, heritage consolidation, and lifestyle mysticism are results of that. The Swiss companies gambled heavily that they could transform their products into pure status objects, and won, so they are going to keep playing that hand for all it's worth. I think there's an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with this policy, seen in the huge influx of interest into vintage collecting, micro brands, and vintage detailing in new designs.. but until the world of "Instagram prestige" buyers dries up, Rolex will continue to treat us like a fortuitous cash cow instead of a valued customer. A recent example: I was able to get a watch I've wanted for years - a WW2 era Longines Weems. It has all the hallmarks of the ~1,900 issued to the Royal Air Force in early 1940, minus the case back acceptance engravings. I took a gamble and bought it anyway. I contacted Longines and they verified by serial number that it is indeed one of the RAF watches. To my amazement, Longines has kept extensive records and will share them with you at no cost. I think they simply can't afford to be as obstinate toward their collectors as Rolex is. Still, when it comes time to service this thing, it's no doubt going to a private watchmaker somewhere near me instead of returning to Longines in a boatload of Swiss francs
  8. This beauty has so much character I see your Alaska and raise you a North Greenland
  9. I love seeing these. I don't think I would ever buy a watch from a dealer or auction house, there's just so much known subterfuge and fabrication going on. And the whole aristocratic atmosphere they try to convey to hype up a watch is detestable.
  10. Looks very straightforward to me. Let us see the results. +1 on checking with Ruby , you'll save a ton, although I'm not sure she has those dials.
  11. Thirded. I was really looking forward to seeing this one done. Go ETA for now if you have to. It sounds like you may get a refund in time?
  12. two glossy gilt chapter ring dials
  13. Looks great, these are very cool little watches
  14. Those Wittnauer divers are great. I've recently become interested in what are generally called "skin divers" in web listings, the smaller, Submariner inspired, squared off cases produced in the 60s by a ton of different manufacturers. The problem is you can't get them for $25 anymore! The vast majority of vintage divers have not aged well. They're beat to hell with missing or moldy looking lume all over the dial, and look as though even some slight humidity would flood them. And a lot of the designs just aren't very attractive. Most of the 3-6-9 dials out there do not do it for me. I hate the 70s baton hand look. The attractive designs in good condition definitely command a premium, $800-2000 it seems. Here's one I've really had my eye on, an early Benrus. I'd love to start a collection of off brand divers, I just get the feeling that they aren't worth what they're being offered for these days. Then you have some niche classic divers , that, while not Rolex, are going to cost you nearly as much . The ones from Gruen, Blancpain, LeCoultre, Breitling, Zenith, and of course the Seamasters. I do think the Submariner is one of the best looking divers, especially pre crown guard, but there are definitely some rivals out there.
  15. Yeah, I agree Rolex is maintaining the niche for mechanical watches as luxury status symbols, which had arisen naturally when they were integral for daily life-- at one point the better timepiece corresponded to being able to better tell time. What I don't agree with is the supposed importance of judging people based on what's on their wrist. This writer sees the world through the shallow eyes of consumerism, shown by the mere fact he would write such an article. There are other reasons to wear a watch; chiefly for me it is the nod to history, technical achievement, artful design, and personal style. Status and wealth never factor in to it for many of us.
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