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  1. The poster who called contemporary Rolex a jewelry company specializing in precious metal watches was spot on. They've gone so deep after the prestige image that they now carry what is to me an ugly reputation for appealing mainly to the vapid crowd of people who put prestige and the appearance of success over everything in life. Not knocking anyone who wears modern Rolex but I see very little in common between their vintage brilliance and the products they are releasing today. The designs haven't changed all that much but the spirit has.
  2. You've heard of tropical dials but have you heard of algaefied?
  3. Decal dial has a slate kind of look in certain light
  4. I spotted it just barely in time I don't think I will ever get used to the big, fat, applied numbers that Rolex and many other brands put on their modern watches. They look so overbearing and unnatural to me, like a bad fake, I just don't get the trend. I don't think the functional aspect of when these markers were originally fat lume plots translates to a luxury look at all.
  5. Thanks, I wish I had gotten this rundown a lot earlier, this post oughta be stickied for everybody. The Long 5 insert really makes your 5513 stand out. Oh and I guess the dark lord dial doesnt hurt either It is one of the nicest watches on here IMO.
  6. So there's basically the early big and small crown inserts, maybe 4 or 5 different types (red triangle, no hashmark, etc.) Next would be the Long 5 (I love these but they seem awfully rare) Then the MKIII fat or slim Then the MKIIII one like you posted above with the more compressed numbers. And there's also a later "service insert" where the numbers are really thin.. Is that a pretty accurate rundown of all aluminum sub inserts?
  7. I had to open up a Western Union investigation the one and only time I chose to deal with MQ. Then the funds magically appeared for him. Good luck
  8. lol thanks, definitely needed a translation there. They all look nice. I wish these weren't so expensive because the rep ones suck by comparison. Hopefully @slay will release a nice MKIII next 
  9. What's going on with the site.. people are multiposting all over the place, and certain threads like the Rolex wristies one are not allowing replies. Is someone working on this?
  10. She will probably help you out if you tell her there's a problem with the case you received.
  11. Awesome post, awesome watch. I am planning to grab an action shot or two like this this summer.
  12. Congrats man, that is a beautiful watch. The gilt dial without chapter ring is quite a cool look.
  13. Not to go too far off topic, but what is this? Explorer? this watch has no crown Love the insert though.
  14. Also a good point slay. Here's the example I was thinking of, from official Tudor website. Numbers are very very fat. Your insert doesn't quite capture the absurd look of this one, though I still love it
  15. That is a really good catch. Something very hard to notice unless you compare right next to the real one, but has a noticable visual effect on the watch.
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