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  1. I hope you find a suitable method Bob. Cheers, Rick
  2. Makes perfect sense to me, and I have followed this with great interest, all the while watching my Airking’s 1520 second hand chug around the dial and wondering what to do with a spare 5500 case and NOS 2846 movement.
  3. Nice dial and crown guards Bart! Cheers, Rick
  4. These old watches are still great to acquire, dependable, and serviceable! I wore my 6605 to a conference today, The Cal 1065 was +1 sec on the day thanks to Misiek's reliable overhaul! Cheers, Rick
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  6. Yeah I don't get that at all; on a pure aesthetic scale, not as attractive as most of the 6538 builds displayed here,
  7. This is still the place/time Mike?
  8. Happy Birthday scotrick!

  9. Looks great J, could you do a 6538?.
  10. That's really nice on the rivet droptop! Same watch, I wanted a more vintage look so used the Yuki matt yellow lume dial with the strap.
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