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  1. "Gold top vintage rolex watches were said to have around 80 microns of gold on top of the case and the bezels were solid gold, usually 14k. The gold case top was a gold cap soldered on the steel case similar to heavy gold fill." This is good to know, I haven't delved into them because I thought the gold might rub off like it has on some lesser brands I have owned. Cheers, Rick
  2. And yet the value of vintage rolexes is still quite strong even at the lower end where I generally hunt. If it wasn't for guys like you and Misiek I probably wouldn't collect those either!l Regards, Rick
  3. But you will still be in that rarefied 5%, I'm always amazed about your knowledge of cases and movements Rick! Cheers, Rick
  4. I hope you find a suitable method Bob. Cheers, Rick
  5. Makes perfect sense to me, and I have followed this with great interest, all the while watching my Airking’s 1520 second hand chug around the dial and wondering what to do with a spare 5500 case and NOS 2846 movement.
  6. Nice dial and crown guards Bart! Cheers, Rick
  7. These old watches are still great to acquire, dependable, and serviceable! I wore my 6605 to a conference today, The Cal 1065 was +1 sec on the day thanks to Misiek's reliable overhaul! Cheers, Rick
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  9. Yeah I don't get that at all; on a pure aesthetic scale, not as attractive as most of the 6538 builds displayed here,
  10. This is still the place/time Mike?
  11. Happy Birthday scotrick!

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