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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows... I have one of the VR 3135 movements, and as luck would have it, one of the case-clamp threaded holes is not threaded through. Does anyone know the tap size that would be needed to chase those threads? I think that it is the same as the case clamp holes on at ETA movement.
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows... I have one of the VR 3135 movements, and as luck would have it, one of the case-clamp threaded holes is not threaded through. Does anyone know the tap that would be needed to chase those threads? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  3. I have one or two myself...if I can find them. I bought three from, what I believe, was his last batch.
  4. You can purchase a 3135 for less than $2,800, (if you watch) and you can build a reliable A3135 for less than $1,000 with some gen parts, but it will never be a Rolex 3135. Fewer things in life are finer than a great 1570, 3035 or 3135. They are engineered for a lifetime, with proper care. There was a guy on Antiques Roadshow this week with a GMT (1675, I think). It was given to him by an uncle who wore it through VietNam (bought in PX for $175). This guy wore it through Afghanistan and 17 years of law enforcement. It was still his daily wearer. It was beat up. I doubt the Asian-made movements will do that.
  5. We just have to be tolerant of others. Truth is, there have been subtle manufacturing changes on these that I have noticed in doing the services.
  6. I say Amen to JoeyB. I am 73 years old and drive two late-model Volvos. My favorite rep is a watch that has never been repped. It is a 16013 with everything gen, even the bracelet (except for two links and the clasp) except the movement, hands and dwo. What's to call out. Even my Sub is a TC V7 but has lug holes, a gen dial and hands with just a hint of patina. I put a flat 4 bezel insert on it and voila, a sub that has never been repped. When I say "never been repped" I mean, by a rep manufacturer.
  7. I do not know of it. Where might I check it out.
  8. Thanks Matt! That's what I'm hearing, as well. I've had three of the early movements and out of the three I have one good one, but it is really good.
  9. Have there been any upgrades/improvements made to these movements in past few months. I've had three but only one good one. Also, where might one source one of the movements (with engraved bridges) without buying a watch. I know they are available on the Bay, but not engraved. I inquired about one with engraved bridges but it was an upgrade, at $450.00. Thanks!
  10. Also when you press the ring on, be care what you press against. I have, inadvertently pressed against the balance. Bad...really bad.
  11. Hey, it was a great watch back then, By-Tor. I think you did an extensive review on it. My first sub was a Euromariner from Chris, at Eurotimez. Remember him. Great dealer, That sub morphed into an MBK case, from Chris, then into a TC case, and then got an a3135 movement with gen dial and all that. There is probably some DNA from that old watch in my parts box somewhere...maybe even in the watch...case clamp or something. I’m thankful to RWG for 11 great watches that I have built, over the past ten years, with information from these master builders.
  12. You just responded to a ten year old thread.
  13. Look at 1655s on eBay. Not just 1 but many. Study the way the case comes in on either side of the cgs. They should, at 2 and 4 be just even with the bezel...as you look at it straight on. The cartel cases usually have steel showing outside of the bezel. This is the way to mod a case. Not looking at other reps but at genuine watches.
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