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  1. This tutorial explains how to build a frankenjust (i.e, franken Datejust) from scratch, or at least how I did it. The specific model I built is a reference 16014, but I think the concepts apply to other 16000-model types, too. I geared the level of detail in the steps and descriptions below to novice modders, and to those on the fence about trying their hand. As a result, much of the following will be too simplistic for the more experienced. In the interest of getting it right, please correct and add comments where you see fit. I wrote this guide (1) to pass on some of the information
  2. Greetings all! I've started on the road to building a 16030 franken Datejust and I have a few questions for everyone. And yes, I've searched, but haven't found anythign definitive. Every guide I've found so far uses a GEN mid case and I simply cannot find any that are affordable. I was planning on using the following: Rep Mid Case Rep Jubilee Bracelet Rep Crown Gen Dial Gen Engine Turned Bezel Gen ETA Movement (Undecided?) Clark Acrylic Crystal Clark Tudor Hands JMB or STONEP
  3. They say on forum that a franken sub is closest to gen,who sells it and describe,thanks a bunch
  4. They say on forum that a franken sun is closest to gen,who sells it and describe,thanks a bunch
  5. Just wanted to share some xxx pics just got it back from the wiz Domi Hope you like it AP Tit Franken Gen Lwo 283 genuine dial and tachyring gen tube and genuine crown Gen hands Rounded pushers Modding the gaskets Full serviceof the movement Case mod/shaved midcase Full polish and satin inclusive bezel
  6. Good news everyone, I've not run out of parts yet! Here's my interpretation of one of the three kings of old school GMTs. The very underrated and beautifully balanced PAM63. I hope you like what I've come up with this time. This is the third version, v1 & v2 now belong to long-time forum friends. Big thanks to everyone who helped Specifications: -Honpo original thin case 63 w/ full deco 2893-2 movement -Genuine dial -Genuine hands -Genuine crown -Genuine bezel -MM104 crystal w/ Chief cyclops -Lello DW -Custom SS crown tube -My usual CG mods (lever bushing, cham
  7. My latest and greatest one and a watch I'd always admired perhaps from watching magnum pi as a kid. Lol These are pics from the builder and Italian enthusiast and his watchsmith. Need to refresh my memory on the exact specs but... Gen spider dial Gen xtal Gen insert Gen clasp Gen jubilee Reshaped case unknown origin ETA CLONE 2836-2. Genuine Swiss eta rotor and full disassembly and overhaul WSO bezel modified
  8. Dear all, before I start I want to thank this really nice community! I already bought some nice pieces here from some members and met some really friendly people - Also from Germany or Netherlands. Lots of support here!! I did not know that the scene would be so big in Germany too. Sorry to copy and paste that from my other two threads. But I am really impressed here! So this time no work log. I just want to show you my daily watch I bought from "dutchguy2" and of course I would love to read your feedback and I have one question. Specs: SSD V2 GEN crown CGs trimmed by Jackjo Bezel ins
  9. Just started working on a Submariner 16610 Franken and was curious what order others had done their upgrades in? So far I've done: Gen Crown Gen Ceramic Bezel Next I would like to do a gen band but am questioning if I should go for the crystal first. The dial looks so close I'd likely look at that last. Movement I'm not concerned with as I'd just buy gen if I was doing that as well. So what about you?
  10. ROLEX 5513 Spider Franken build After exactly 6 months since I started on this project I can now announce that my Franken ROLEX 5513 Spider is now fully assembled and finished . I´m still considering a GEN 702 crown (Anyone got one?) but then again the Athaya is also great. So once more here´s the parts list and then I let you guys enjoy the assembly pics by the master himself Joran (@DR3M3L at RWI and a very skilled watchmaker). He did an incredible job of putting it all together after @Rolojack did an amazing job on the case (see part 2 of the build for that). A big thank you to all o
  11. Hope I don't bore anyone with another thread about a 1016 build, but after having what amounted to what I thought may have been, for me, the luckiest week ever over on the 'bay, I have found myself with now most likely two 1016 builds. Originally, I had started approaching this build around (in my humble opinion) a pretty nice rep 1016 slab serif dial I picked up from Minh. I had been eyeing the dial for a while and had already sent a gen 16013 case over to Jensen at vintagewatchmaker to be re-engraved and have the lug holes drilled out (both of which were done quite well btw). From there I wa
  12. Hi guys, I was looking at the Serie Speciele Navitimer on Perfect clone's site, at link - /bl10034-navitimer-serie-speciale-black-dial-working-chronos-p-1693.html Does anyone knows what type case this one has ? I'm thinking of doing a franken navitimer (using a gen 7750 movement, hands and dial ) would the gen parts fit in there ? (mainly movement and dial - hands should fit on a swiss 7750 as much as I remember) Any help will be so much appreciated thanks! db1
  13. Hello Guys After 3/4 long long months, I'm really really happy to present my Xmas gift. Maybe not the last one of my own gifts... Stay tuned It's my new: FRANKEN ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE WHITE THEMES The Great watchmaker, the Best around here, Mr Domi did it the 1st time on a JF/J12 case. And, it has the following features: Gen dial Gen tachymeter ring Gen hour & minute hands Serviced Baume & Mercier movement with Dubois-Depraz module Mickey's Gen-spec single side AR Xtal Domi's Gen-spec AR cyclope Edge's Gen-spec DW Thinner midcase Recessed crown position Thinner caseback He bui
  14. Hey guys, This thread is something that some of you were waiting for. A thread about my ultimate franken. I feel I have taken this franken to a much higher level compared to the current existing frankens on the forums that we know off. Basically the story starts in June-July 2012, I wanted to build my own franken so I started looking for parts. Sourcing a dial was easy, in fact I bought several dials, being a blue classic baton dial, grey dial, black rubberclad dial, safari dial, white rubberclad dial, black themes dial. All of them except the safari and white rubberclad dial were sold
  15. Hey Guys- I recently picked up a nice cheapie 40mm rolex explorer. What I am wondering is how hard it would be to upgrade this from a 21J Asian movement to an ETA highbeat so that the hand sweeps a little smoother. I am looking to try to mod this also with a gen crown and crystal but am unsure if it will take these mods. I am very new to modding and this would be my first project so any advice even as stupid as it may sound is appreciated. Also, does anyone have experience trying to get the correct hand stack on a watch like this? I have heard that the Asian and ETA are simple movement
  16. Hi All, Am now getting around to seriously looking at this Franken project. Im looking for advice as i want to build something a bit special if i can, but just want to make sure I don't make any silly mistakes along the way! Ive done a fair bit of research on the forums, so have a good idea of the parts i need, but need some advice on the below points if anyone can help me?... I purchased a V5 42mm PO with black bezel w/ white numbers, and am very happy with it as a rep, and understand it to be one of the best cases/cases for a good franken(except for the dummy He valve). As i
  17. Weird rehaut, too much room between the CGs and the crown, and a CG profile that's generally a little off. I think this is a high end rep, but would love the experts' take before I report it: 1979 ROLEX GMT MASTER I 1675, Matte Dial, Pepsi Bezel - Stainless Steel
  18. As reps go, the Breitling Superocean Steelfish is very nice. The gen is a classic, and so is the rep. I bought an H factory v2 "Asian ETA 2836-2" (more on this later) from Toro. Ordering was easy, and shipping was fast. I unboxed it six days after confirming QC pics. As many of us have found, the H-factory gets a lot of little details right. And even the ones that are a little off--like the dial--are still high quality. Rep left, gen dial right. Sure the color is too bright, the markers and numerals are a little too big, and it doesn't reflect light quite as nicely. Still, it's a goo
  19. Hi. I'm pretty new to building/modifying watches, but I am just finishing my first 1601 datejust franken build, and thought I would share my project with you- hoping to get some tips/ providing some pointers from my experience. I have started another build aswell, and would like to perfect my skills and keep building time pieces with a personal touch :-) this topic will include both projects. #1: - genuine 1601 case - genuine 1601 bezel and acrylic - genuine Rolex tube and crown - ETA 2824–2 - genuine blue dial - Tudor hands - movement holder raffles time #1 (slightly modified)
  20. This was a watch I was crazy for a while back. I was going to buy from J&W and then this appeared on the sales forum and I dropped a LOT of money (I shouldn't have) on it... It's the Vietnam case with gen valjoux 72 movement, with correct assymetrical gen screw in pushers and tube and crown. Raised crystal (can't remember if this is gen?), old school bracelet.. and I love the red dial, definitely different. I also have the white dial with black subdials. I guess the chase was the big thing for me as it's quite small for me but it looks lovely! Here are some pics:
  21. Hi Guys, I joined these forums a couple of days ago and I've had a lot of insightful and very helpful members on here take the time to explain things to me and help me on my travels. Mike on a bike and TC, thanks for all your help so far. Im new to these forums and gradually finding my way around the place is getting a little easier each day but now it's time to haul ass and get something built. I've decided that the first piece i would love to have is the LV sub. I know that TC does amazing work but unfortunately as we all know, this model has ceased production until supplier
  22. I just built this franken 5513. My plan is to use all gen parts eventually. I'm liking the gilt though, so it may be a while before I get bored with it The build list is: Gen 5513 midcase Gen 24-700 crown and 24-7000 tube Ingod gilt dial Yuki case back ST vintage bezel assembly, pearl removed from insert ST t-19 crystal DG 4813 movement Rafflestime #2 movement ring, modded 21j hands, "gilded" Gnomon NATO I settled on an Ingod gilt dial for the franken stage. It's not as correct as some put there, but the Ingod is relatively inexpensive, and more than adequate as a temporary so
  23. Im looking to start a Planet Ocean 42mm Franken Project and looking for some advice... I have read through a lot of threads here regarding franken PO'S, there are some real beauts being created and posted here, and i'm, hoping to achieve something similar. so a few questions: Is the latest 5th Gen aka V5 PO (From Trevor or similar?) the best base to begin with? i.e does it have all the basics - good case, HE Valve in correct position?.. Any advice? Recommended TD's? As this is the most critical bit, want to make sure i start with a good one! I know i can source the parts from cousins or
  24. Hi Guys, I am fairly new to the forum, but ya'll have inspired me to build a franken PAM 104. I've started with an H-factory 1:1 104 rep with the A7750 movement. So far, I've purchased: - gen alligator strap - gen deployment buckle - gen dial So, I have two questions I was hoping someone might be so kind to help me with: 1) Who should I use state-side to help me with service and assembly? 2) Should I put in a Swiss ETA 7750 movement? And if so, do I go with the 17 or 25 jewels? Thanks in advance for the advice!
  25. One of my favorite watches is my 1665 DRSD with a gen 1570 under the hood. I've been gathering parts to build a 1665 Comex to complement it for some time. After several setbacks, I decided to pick up an already built 1665 DRSD (yes, I now have 2) with a beautiful 1570 in there as well. As i debate which dial to sacrifice, I'm reaching out to all the experts. Both dials are beautiful but very different. My original one has only a faint tint of yellow in it - almost whitish creamy. The new dial is more yellow/orange. I like them both. I swear they are the same dial except for the col
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