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  1. In that case- invest in yourself not in a fake watch to pretend you are something.
  2. What he said. What is represented in the OP has no dog calling itself 15202. Period. Hello again RWG.
  3. I'm currently in a therapy session with @Yllekp. Don't you worry, I'll be back to being myself in due time.
  4. This. And it'll be a long time.
  5. Rule #1 you don't talk about the Dark Lord. Rule #2 you can't reach the Dark Lord Rule #3 don't mention his name 3 times in one post
  6. Absolutely it is absolutely stupid to argue about that. I personally have nothing personal behind this, it’s just me stating my opinion. Both@sacsah1 and myself have said that it is a very nice build indeed. All we did was mention the correct term for the build.
  7. If you get a steal deal on a vintage part or watch, let’s say a 6263 PaulNewman for 3k, and you happen to get tired of it and want to flip it. Would you flip it at the price you paid for it or rather sell it for market value? Exactly. You don’t have to tell me, I know the answer already. [emoji6] The profiteering aspect has already been discussed on here and I’m wondering whether you’ve read that thread or not? If you did, it seems like you did not get the message in that.
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