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  1. I just noticed someone said 304 stainless. So we're 1665 only 304 stainless instead of 316? That may be why cases corroded. I'm not an metal scientist but unless you are exposed to strong acids or other chemicals, I fail to believe 316 is not good enough for a watch in saltwater periodically. I believe the custom stainless in new Rolex is more for marketing.
  2. I live in a very corrosive environment. Two blocks from ocean and high humidity. I do a lot of running, snorkeling, fishing, yard work..... But....I don't see much corrosion on my stainless marathon watch. I believe since I also shower or go in my pool with the watch after each of those activities, rinsing saltwater off really prevents a lot of corrosion. I wore my marathon diver for almost 10 years in that environment, and I don't see any pitting of corrosion. Maybe it takes 40 years. It's so bad where I live, all my stainless hardware out side my house has a light orange coating of rust.
  3. Nice work. , RJ is just finishing up a 7928 build for me as well, he is amazing!
  4. Hi, I happen to make jewelry as a hobby so I used my buffing wheel . But you could also do it with any buffing pad and use cheap polishing compound from hardware store. Just pick a fine compound, not a rough cutting compound. They make compounds for stainless steel. You could try using a Dremel, with small buffing wheel, and add the compound. But a large wheel is easier .
  5. I'm not an expert, but what I believe is that which ever one is the matte finish, that you have to polish.....That is a Swiss made one. So it has a great fit. So Clark's and a few others sell it I believe. I bought one and the retaining ring it comes with fits the bezel perfectly. Polishing it easy enough.
  6. The sellita 2836-2 costs 236 dollars according to Ofrei site. That's not cheap at all for old technology. That is more expensive than an ETA 2846. Sellita is jerking us around too. They should be 99 dollars I think.
  7. Yeah, Josh always delivers. Everything should be fine.
  8. Yeah, you have more control with hand controlled pads. I just noticed your custom endlinks. Pretty neat. Did you do that out of necessity or is that a "thing" to do now?
  9. Ahhh, I see. Your brushing is perfect. Can you tell me what you used to make that brush work please? Brass wire wheel like so.....? https://www.riogrande.com/Product/Brass-Wire-Wheel-Brush/338224
  10. Wow, nice! What bracelet source is this? Gen?
  11. Oh, thanks.
  12. I'm so confused. What are "baps" ?
  13. I think I need to explain more. What I mean is why is there no sterile but highly accurate one being made kind of like the Star Time case that is for 3135 caliber for 180 bucks. If it's sterile then there is no infringement.
  14. Yeah, this looks excellent ! If I saw you walking by me I would 100% think it's gen. It looks great. Like someone else said.....I could never wear one. The 4 or 5 wealthy people I know don't even wear one. 2 of them wear stainless rollies. I'm broke so no way for me. :).
  15. I think it depends on what you want. I'm sure it matters what model you want but generally speaking.... I see nothing wrong with using Cartel cases and paying gifted and experienced people to hand shape them. It's way more economical to me. But someone has a lot of cash and want a case that takes gen. Specific movements then I can see why the Phongs and other crazy expensive cases are worth it too. I'm still amazed that the outdated or patent ended old Rolex or Tudor cases are not officially made by third parties. It sure would simplify things.