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  1. I was hoping we could 3d print cases and then finish machining them or something but I kept hitting brick walls. I think the best way to get an accurate replica case is to have a genuine midcase and the caseback accurately 3d Scanned with high resolution scanning tools that are designed to take in details from the inside of the case as well as the outside (there are only like 2 scanning tools for internal accuracy), and then have the point-cloud turned into an actual CNC file that has the intructions on the finished thread cuttings and hole diameters. Then we can simply upload our file to an online CNC service. The issue of course is that we probably have to have the midcase and caseback sterile (no engravings), or you will never be able to send the file to be CNC's out of steel due to trademarks.
  2. I wan to share some helpful information while we are talking about dealing with MQ, Rubywatch, etc. Because I consider you all my friends here for how generous you have been with information and help. Especially people like Automatico, JackFlash, and others (forgive me if I didn't name others who help me a lot). Here is my way of paying it forward.... When making purchases with Vietnam dealers, I had a lot of problems with how to pay. Most of them will not take Pay Pal. In fact, none of the ones here we mentioned will take Pay Pal, at least for purchases over 400 or 600 bucks. When you wire money to them, be absolutely sure you have their complete First, Last, and middle names. In Vietname, even if you have the SWIFT code perfect as well as the Bank codes, etc... if you write their name different in any way, the banks in Vietname will do a "soft reject" of the money. MQ, RubyWatch, or whoever you are sending money to in Vietnam will not be able to get the money. In most countries, if you accidently put the last name as first name correct, the banks will still transfer the money to the recipient. But Vietnamese Banks never release the money unless you get every part of their name perfectly, regardless of having perfect SWIFT and BIC codes. You will get your money back but your bank that sent the wire transfer will charge you another 80 dollar fee or so. This happened to me once. MQ was actually easy to do deal with for me. I sent MQ Western Union and it's easier for Vietnamese merchants to pick up their money from Western Union. But if you don't make your wire transfers perfectly, it will get rejected and cost you 80 dollars or so on top of the initial fee you paid to wire money. American banks are scumbags so our wire transfer fees are much higher than in Europe so maybe this is not a big deal for a lot of you. This is why I'm so [censored] that NDTrading no longer exists. She is in California and used to sell the Vietnamese made Rolex cases and dials. I don't know if she accepted Pay Pal or Credit Cards but I'm 100% sure it was easier to pay her that the merchants who are physically in Vietnam like now.
  3. How does one even get a hold of Phong? I asked him a simple question a month or two ago and never heard back.
  4. How do I find this "crownartcustoms" people? Their website seems unfinished and I can't find any other information on them. thanks
  5. Wow between you an Automatico, I feel very ignorant. I appreciate that you both are on this forum. Interesting. For the 5513, I believe ND Trading had the exact same case as MQ and Ruby. But are you talking about a different case here? As the other guy said, it's so weird that ND Trading still has her website up after all these years. I guess she is so wealthy or careless with her money that she is getting auto-billed for the website for years and years but she doesn't give a crap. Man I wish I had that kind of money. (Kind of joking, I wonder if she uses the website to lure in people who may want Rolex related inquiries?) It's the mystery of the century.
  6. I remember a few years ago someone found German made fat spring bars like for the 5513. I can't find the thread to find out where I can buy those. I think at that time, we had to buy them in bulk. But has anyone discovered if they are now sold from other stores where we can order them from? Thanks.
  7. crystals and bezels are such a pain the ass to settle. So I have a MQ vietnam 5513 that is supposed to fit as genuine. It sure does for my Rolex movemement, the Rolex casing screws, Rolex case tube. Everything there fits perfect. However, I use a Clarks aftermarket bezel, retaining ring, and tension washer. I can't get any tropic 19 crystals to fit except for one of the GS. The really popular one and I get it from Otto Frei. There are 2 or 3 different sized tropic 19's from GS brand alone! I have tried many other crystals all except for the German Sternkruz or however you spell it. But I've never been able to get a single damn other cyrstal to fit. They are too tight or too loose. But I suspect it's the Clark aftermarket bezel kit I have that is the problem. I had to sand down the inside of the retaining ring or it was still too tight on the crystal and would crack it. I have that sorted out now but I can't turn my bezel. With the tension washer on, it's too tight!
  8. Only ETA's have ever been perfectly cloned unfortunately. I just wish China would at least perfectly clone balances like Rolex balances or the main plates but they just only clone things that are convenient. it looks like the 75% cloned Rolex 3135 is the best we will ever get but like 75 or 85% of the parts are interchangeable but that is it. From what I understand, when technicians reverse engineer something into a CNC step file by precision 3d scanning, they of course first scan the items internally and externally (the watch case should be easy to scan with the caseback off for the internals), it is then created into a "point cloud" for th eoverall surfaces external and internal. But then it needs to be put into something like SolidWorks or one of the Auto Cads like you mentioned. I have Fusion 360 which can be used to create toolpath codes for CNC so maybe I will try this summer to see how far I get.
  9. Good idea. In order to 3d scan the internal contours correctly and get it all correct like the half moon shaped cut out for the Rolex casing screws, you need a very specific type of 3d Scanner. I forgot the brands but only like 2 brands make a scanner for high precision details. Plus, it's a lot of work and skill to then turn that into a CNC file. Now luckily, we could tell the technician that the caseback screw threading is 31 mm diameter and 0.5 pitch metric size with 60 degree thread profile. And we all know the thread for the casetube is 3.00 mm x .35 pitch. This way, after the super high resolution 3d Scanning does it's job of the internal and external contours, the technician should be able to create a CNC file for us to simply upload to any service to produce it from stainless stock. Another idea I have is perhaps we could find a young person who is going to engineering school and has access to the software to do this.
  10. I think I see what you mean. But you do realize that the mass production we see with excellent replication skills is never for vintage Rolex, right? That is the frustrating part. But as you kind of mention in your other posts, it's all amount quantity to make the costs low. I tried to have my sterile Vietnam 5513 case 3d Scanned and made into a CNC file, (I had MQ make me a sterile version of the 5513 case thinking it would be less risk if I have local watchmakers service my Rolex 1520 movement), but the cost way too high for a school teacher like me. I had quotes of like 3,000 on average just to high resolution scan the case and caseback but then also have it built into a CNC file so that all you had to do was press a button or email the file and someone could reproduce the parts. I suppose we could pool our money and have a perfect case and caseback 3d scanned and made into a CNC file and then those that chip in would have the file ready to go if we want a vintage rolex case. The other other problem is if you only have one case and caseback made even if you have the CNC step file, the cost to make one unit may exceed the Vietnam 5513 case. This is another reason I gave up. I have friended like 12 Chinese wholesalers of replica watches on Facebook. I've asked every single one of them if they could please find me a 1:1 vintage rolex case. Every single one of them has said no. So yes, you are correct that China has the capabilities as you mention. But they are 100% not making vintage rolex cases, at least the finished ones. I have found out from an Italian watchmaker what the thread and pitch is of the 5513 and 1680 Rolex case. But that's as far as I got.
  11. Good points, Ronin. And let me please add that not only does Helenarou have to have someone make his caseback that does fit 5513 but is clearly different than the more rounded casebacks of Vietnam, but when Yuki was making cases, he too had a totally different case in my opinion from these Vietnam cases. Now, it has been speculated that Phong shapes the cases after they are made from the Vietnam source. But was Yuki really doing that? I don't know why I think this but I feel like Yuki and Helenarou didn't have the same source of the Vietnam cases. I still have a gut feeling the current vietnam cases do not come from China. Or at the very least, they are not coming from a large mass production facility. But I have no real proof and am just going by my gut.
  12. I have heard this theory that the Vietnam cases of MQ and Rubytime are perhaps of Chinese origin. But I am not convinced without careful considerations of the specs. First, if China is the origin, then why doesn't Helenarou sell the Vietnam quality case? He even has to make his own 5513 caseback but he refuses to try and make an accurate case. (The vietnam 5513 caseback is made by someone else than the Helenaround 5513 caseback). Secondly, I will say that since the crown guards are left a little too thick, (but are close to late year 5513 cases like 1989 or 1990 5513 crown guards), this does indicate that perhaps the cases are originally made from mass produced stock like in China. But let's go a little further, shall we? The MQ, Ruby Time, and there are a few more dealers from Vietname plus Phong have cases that not only perfectly fit the Rolex 15xx for perfect stem height, but they even have the perfectly made "half moon" shaped cut out for the Rolex case screws that slide around the movement. If China is the origin of the case, is it really correct that someone is just further cutting away to make all of these specs correct? Or are you saying that a rough block version of the case is made in China and before the internals are cut out for any movement, the rough block is sold to these Vietnam merchants? Any why are these Vietnam merchants the only people buying these Chinese cases? To me, a little more evidence exists that the origin of the case is Vietnam more than China. But, the fact that the crown guards are left too thick does say there is a single source which I guess could be China. But I would say at the very least, these Vietnam cases that fit Rolex 15xx movements must be sold in very rough and uncut stages to be made correctly. Otherwise, if they are cut out for ETA 2824 or 2836 DG 2813.... I just don't see how they could be then perfectly made to fit Rolex. Lastly, if China really is the source of these Vietnam cases that can be cut out to fit Rolex, then for God's sake, why can't we buy some of the rough cuts ourselves and machine them on our own please?
  13. Thanks for all the advice. I now agree to just enjoy it and live with it. Thanks! Hopefully e30m3 finds a solution as well. Good luck!
  14. Sorry I meant the tube that is part of the crown that holds the stem piston/clutch spring. But thank you . Yeah the generic 703 case tubes are identical to genuine. I was trying to save this crown and meant the tube that is part of crown that holds the stem piston is destroyed. No loss as the crown was already buggered.
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