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  1. Thank you but I don’t want to remove the dial and hands so I need the other method. Thank you guys as I did get enough answers from all of you.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm going to attempt to repair my keyless works on a 2824-2 and with friendly help and the power of youtube, I think I know the steps to fix the keyless works except for removing the power from the main spring. I'm assuming you are not supposed to just let the watch wind down but you have to actually do something to remove or stop power from spring before working on keyless works? My oscillating weight is removed but I think there is still power in there as soon as you touch or move the movement. I don't know all part names or numbers so a link to a video would be great if you have it. Thank you.
  3. I put my first watch together and realized my minute hand is bent upwards away from face a little too much. I know to bend them up you can slide plastic under them but is there a way to bend them *down* without removing them? I really don’t want to uninstall my seconds hand. Thanks for any tips! Rick
  4. Thank you Nanuq and all. While a metal die would move the retaining ring better, the pvc method is pretty good. I made my own like Nanuq. Works good but I might make a bronze or aluminum die for the future.
  5. Fair enough. I think my main problem is not having a tool that fits over the the retaining ring wall and is deep enough for height of the crystal. I’d love to see what watch makers use on 5513 or 1680 crystals to press.
  6. Buying 7 or 8 crystals and none of them fitting a 5513 replacement case is lunacy. Freezing stainless steel....It’s how we install tight fitting bearings on car wheels. If you have a better fitting crystal to avoid this I’ll buy it. The real lunacy too is that without the right tool, it’s hard to push the retaining ring straight. Does anyone know what tool is used ? Crystal presses do not have clearance for the dome crystal and depth of the retaining ring.
  7. Thanks so much. It’s 28.18mm according to my cheap caliper. The Vietnam 5513 is supposed to be a pretty direct copy of the 5513 case. But even original 5513’s use different crystals I guess. my install may work out since it’s not cracked yet ( I did use magnification after install). I have an idea for next time. To put less stress on the crystal, I can use the same size next time but freeze the case to make is slightly smaller and then force the crystal on which in theory, may prevent stress.
  8. Hi guys (and ladies if there are any here as well), I have up'd my game up and got a MQ Vietnam 5513 midcase so that I can use an ETA for now with a Yuki 55XX ETA adapter and will buy a 1520 movement in the near future. Anyways, I bought 3 different tropic 19 crystals. The GS PA 462-66, the GS PA 462-67, and some unknown tropic 19 from Ebay. The 462-67 which is at 30.48 mm is too big, when I place the crystal on the case, the retaining ring will not go over the crystal. The 462-66 which is 30.45mm will allow the retaining ring to go over the crystal but it took a lot of force and i had to use a PVC adapter method with a vice and lots of cushioning to get it done. I think it took too much force and the crystal may begin cracking in the future. It passed a water pressure test I did at 10 BAR but I think they sometimes crack over time if too tight? The third crystal was way too loose. Does anyone know which crystal works perfect on an MQ Vietnam 5513 Case? I would order one from him but it was such a pain the ass to wire money from the USA to him that I'd rather source a crystal myself if possible. And finally, my original question: What the heck tool do professional watch makers use to press 5513 retaining rings on with? I see the PVC method here and that helped but it's not perfect. The fit is not exact so it's difficult to center the retaining ring with the PVC tube method. I tried like an idiot using a crystal press and didn't realize that the dome shape and depth of 5513 crystals do not allow enough travel of crystal presses. It's impossible! I would really appreciate seeing a tool that rolex watch makers use so I can perhaps create my own tool. (I make jewelry by hobby and have some knowledge of making tools like presses). Thank you!
  9. Cool, what movement does it have in it out of curiosity?
  10. It's not bad if you just want to use the case and make a good rep. with it. It's also really good practice to build your own from the parts before you invest in more expensive parts. So the money is worth if for learning. The thing that worries me is that these makers don't care real hard about making everything to gen. spec. But if you spend the money on MQ Vietnam 5513 case/parts or Phong, etc, they make everything fit Gen. as a standard.
  11. I heard a rumor that the cartel 5513 may not have correct specs anymore in terms of midcase crystal neck not being 28.2 mm? Is this rumor untrue?
  12. Yes, the Helenarou 5513 caseback seems to be just like genuine since it fits my MQ Vietnam 5513 replacement case perfectly. So it is indeed 30.9mm.
  13. Thank you to both of you. Sorry that is what not obvious enough to me but with the frustrations I get from keeping lint and dust off of crystals and dials, I wanted to minimize the amount of times I have to insert or flip things. So thank you very much.
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