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  1. Ahhh. Thank you. So I screwed up and put the tension washer on top of bezel but under insert. I am to simply place the tension washer on top of retaining ring and then place bezel and then insert. Wow, am I the only idiot who misplaced the tension washer?
  2. HI, I have a very stupid question. I want to make sure I assemble my 5513 bezel correctly since it's very loose so far. I have one of those swiss after market bezel assemblies like you get from Clarks. I know that you have to put a little bend in the tension ring to get the bezel to be tighter but I am not positive the correct way to install the tension ring. Obviously, the retaining ring goes on first over the crystal. Then do we put the bezel.... then the tension ring on top of that? Then the Insert. Am I correct and if my insert is snapping in OK, I simply must add more bend to the tension ring? I assume that since the retaining ring perfectly fits into the bezel, you DO NOT put the tension ring between them, correct? I can't find a video or detailed description of installing a 5513 or 7928 bezel. Which makes zero sense since we see a crap load of bezel videos about the newer spring/ratchet bezels. But for the 5513 that they made for 40 years and of a million watches.... no videos! LOL Thanks guys.
  3. Yeah, they sell X-ray machines for testing the alloy composition of gold, platinum, etc. Jewelry. When you say "press fit" for the 5517 lug bars.... where they really only press fit in and not brazed/soldered in?
  4. I'm good, Adrian will sell me a spare. It's the best way to know it will fit his crown.
  5. If I have an Athaya 702 crown and tube, and I need to have a spare tube.... is the tube a direct replacement of other aftermarket or gen. 702 crown tubes? I ask because I want to get a spare crown tube. When I search, I only see 24-700 or 703 from WSO for example. I don't see 702 after market crown tubes... is that because for the crown tube you only need 24-700? Thanks for any info.
  6. Awesome!
  7. Thank you kind sir! I'm doing some repairs on a case so I thought I better check the height. 1 to 1.25mm sounds right then, I was just worried they were supposed to be higher to give enough surface area mating between crystal and neck. I guess it only takes a little bit to make a good fit. Thanks again.
  8. If no one had a gen. 5513 naked mid case to measure, just a cartel 5513 mid case neck height should be close enough. I would appreciate it.
  9. Hello. I know the approx. outer diameter of the 5513 case neck is 28.2mm But does anyone know what the height of the case neck is in mm? In other words, how much of the neck goes into the crystal? Thank you.
  10. Great details! I personally like silicone grease over Vaseline. Silicone grease seems whiter or should I say perfectly clear whereas some vaselines have or develop a yellow tint which could reflect through the crystal. ( If it is between the crystal and bezel, but if you are using between just the bezel and retaining ring, then it won't matter). I use a lot of vaselines and silicone greases to maintain my pool equipment so I'm exposed to seeing this. Just my two cents.
  11. No worries, I was just sharing in case you had the same issue I did. But sounds like a similar problem. Good luck. The key is a bezel that fits a retaining ring perfectly. So you should buy them together and like Nanuq said, you can then adjust for the crystal only.
  12. Is the case a newer cartel? If so, it's best to buy a whole new bezel assembly. ( Retaining ring and bezel). Adjusting the tension ring does not solve a loose bezel on the newer cartel cases. But, since the mid case neck is to spec ( the bezel itself is not), replacing it works. It appears that to speed up assembly, they make or buy bezels that are a little too big, very annoying since a new bezel costs as much as the watch.
  13. May I ask why it's necessary to epoxy it with the bezel disassembled? I'm also about to install a pearl so I was curious. I assume so you can use a good amount on the back of pearl and insert with the bottom facing up and let it dry?
  14. If the Yuki movements are so dirty from factory, they should let us buy all the parts directly and unassembled. It would be awesome to just buy the parts we want or a complete kit. They should make 15xx movement replicas too.
  15. Ahhh, that is way easier, thanks, Jack.