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  1. Cool, what movement does it have in it out of curiosity?
  2. It's not bad if you just want to use the case and make a good rep. with it. It's also really good practice to build your own from the parts before you invest in more expensive parts. So the money is worth if for learning. The thing that worries me is that these makers don't care real hard about making everything to gen. spec. But if you spend the money on MQ Vietnam 5513 case/parts or Phong, etc, they make everything fit Gen. as a standard.
  3. I heard a rumor that the cartel 5513 may not have correct specs anymore in terms of midcase crystal neck not being 28.2 mm? Is this rumor untrue?
  4. Yes, the Helenarou 5513 caseback seems to be just like genuine since it fits my MQ Vietnam 5513 replacement case perfectly. So it is indeed 30.9mm.
  5. Thank you to both of you. Sorry that is what not obvious enough to me but with the frustrations I get from keeping lint and dust off of crystals and dials, I wanted to minimize the amount of times I have to insert or flip things. So thank you very much.
  6. After struggling with cartel cases, which don't even have good specs anymore I heard... I decided to shell out 500 bucks for a Vietnam MQ 5513 replacement case. The idea is that you could use a real rolex 1520 movement later down the road but for now I can install a ETA 28XX using the Yuki Adapter ring. The struggles to make the bezel and crystals work correctly are just so great that you mind as well spend 500 or 800 bucks on a quality 5513 case/set.
  7. Hello everyone. When using the Yuki ETA adapter for 15XX cases, do I understand correctly that the adapter serves as a movement ring and I'm looking at the back of my case, I would inst all the movement and then this Yuki adapter with the flat side up? I thought I would ask so I don't have to do too may trial and errors. The Yuki photos looks like the adapter is used with the flat side up but I wasn't sure if that is correct or just staged for demonstration. Thanks, Rick
  8. I had to get a better 5513 case so I got the midcase from MQ in Vietnam and am using a Helenarou 5513 caseback. So hopefully the caseback is like gen and a 5513 caseback gasket will work for me. I'll update once I test it with my water pressure device. One method I discovered is you can measure the OD of where the gasket goes, and then order gaskets that are smaller and then you can gently stretch the gaskets to fit tightly so that it stays in place when you screw it on. It seems like photos of genuine casebacks with the gasket still in them seem to always show the gasket sitting snugly and perfectly in the groove. Is that because it's already been squished in there or is it because the groove in genuine casebacks are actually rounded and not flat so the O ring stays in place?
  9. I recently purchased a 5513 replacement case from Vietnam (MQ) and I can say that it's a very good deal in my opinion. I only purchased the midcase since it was all I needed so the price was good considering you have no choice now. (Cartel cases are no longer spec. for fitting crystals). The best part of paying for a 5513 replacement case from MQ or other high end case makers, is that you can either use an ETA adapter ring from Yuki or put a real 1520 rolex movement in them when you get the funds. I got tired of fighting with the Cartel case and just paid for an MQ 5513 case and I love it so far. The quality is amazing. They even put the small cut out where the rolex movement screws slide in. It's just like the real case as far as I can tell. I doubt it but maybe it's possible. Normally, 3D printed items that end up in metal are first material jet printed in castable resin or castable wax, and then the model is cast in the final metal. However, there are one or two types of printers that create stainless steel directly. But...... as far as I know...... Material Jetting type 3D printers have the absolute best resolution. I make my jewelry designs using services that print my models with material jetting machines and they they cast it for me or they send me the model and I cast it in my garage.
  10. I realized it might only be in USA that old broken manual expresso machines like Pavoni's are 600 dollars. In Europe, they are probably easy to find much cheaper and then fix them. It's a unique problem we have with the hipsters driving up prices of old things.
  11. Thank you and great advice. Automatico pointed out that they often charge more for black colored datewheels as opposed to white.
  12. Hello everyone, I was thinking of buying a SeaGull 2130 for a build which is a 2824-2 clone. Does anyone know if there are two different grades or versions? The reason I ask is because on Ebay, I noticed that out of all of the many listings for them, they are all either 90 dollars or they are 61 dollars. Why the 30 dollar difference on so many listings? Are there 2 different grades of the SeaGull 2130 or do you guys think the 61 dollar listings might be fake SeaGull and actually a cheaper copy? Thanks for any input.
  13. I can confirm Helenarou has casebacks right now. I just got one shipped to be for around 50 bucks. I'm hoping that fixes my 5513 cartel case threading problem. After 50 plus years of rolex using those 30.9mm diameter threads... did watch makers not develop a threadchasing tool to clean up and realign the threads? 7928 Tudor Subs actually used the same exact 5513 Sub cases so yes, same 30.9mm threading. The good old days when Subs only cast 200 bucks or maybe 1000 dollars in today's money.
  14. I bought a new caseback so once I get that in my hands, I will see if that does the trick. After 50 plus years of the 30.9mm diameter case thread production, I'm betting that a "threadchaser" was made for watchmakers to clean up (re-align the threads) of cases. Am I correct about this? When you look up metric thread sizes, I only see a 31.5mm thread. So 30.9mm threads on rolex cases might be a Swiss specific watch thread or perhaps French like the lignes?
  15. My build is fighting me all the way to the finish. Now that I have my RoloJack shaped cartel 5513 case all shaped and ready for me to do some final assembly, my case and caseback threads need repair. What is the thread/pitch of the midcase and caseback on Joshua/Cartel 5513's? It's from 2 or 3 years ago. Even if my case was not shaped by RoloJack I can't just buy a new Cartel 5513 Case because I heard they no longer have genuine specs. Is the Cartel Case threaded the same as Rolex 5513 but even if it is, I don't know what that thread/pitch is or how to fix it. Does anyone machine fix these? Thanks
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