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  1. Wow, how did you find that? I didn't know these types of ball bearing cylinder things were a standard item. I will look into this! But it looks like the smallest one they sell is too large but great find! My package from Germany that has one original one in it is close to me, it's in Orlando which is about 100 miles away so I should get the package tomorrow to measure. But thanks to you, I know understand that these contraptions are a standard type of ball bearing device. In English, they are apparently called "ball plungers" and they are almost always made of stainless steel so it's ridiculous that Helson had them made in ferrous/tool steel that rusts. However, I have yet to find one that is small enough for watches so I wonder if Helson had to have them made from scratch and he could not order a standard one that is small enough. Standard ones already made are always stainless steel I think. Also I learned Omega and other watch companies use these for bezels, not just ProPlof. They are sometimes made of ruby or the new Proplof might be ceramic ball bearings. I will try to make my own out of ceramic balls if I can't find one already made that fits.
  2. I have good and bad news. The good news is that I received the package from Helson watches today. They gave me some free spare parts like a bunch of gaskets and of course the 3 ball bearings for the bezel. The bad news........the ball bearings and/or the cylinder insert that is part of them are magnetic meaning they are not stainless steel and will also rust. So I emailed Stefan from Helson Watches and asked these questions to help us go forward with this ridiculous problem: I have two questions please. Thank you for sending the watch parts. I received the package of extra parts and the 3 new ball bearings for the bezel. However, I noticed the ball bearings are magnetic (stick to a magnet) and thus are not stainless steel. These will rust in saltwater too. 1. Do the genuine Omega Proplof bearings fit the same or are these different size? (Then one way to prevent Helson 600 from rusting is to use genuine bearings for Omega Proplof bezel). 2. Is it the tiny ball bearing that is tool steel/ferrous steel or is it the cylinder? Or is it the whole thing that is not stainless steel? There are ceramic ball bearings if it's the ball bearing you can't get made in stainless steel.
  3. Since I had the serial number with the watch, I thought why not ask Helson watches so I emailed them and some guy named Stefan answers me. He sent by FedEx (for free) 3 new bearings for me so when I get them I will see if they are same size as genuine Omega Proplof bearings. I'm still not sure if they ones he is sending me are now stainless or not. I can't believe how friendly and nice Helson watch people are so I'm sold on them being a good company even though they somehow missed that rusty parts were used on their Helson Sharkmaster 600. Maybe Helson asked for stainless bearings/inserts but their supplier screwed up and used the wrong material?
  4. Another interesting update. Someone named Stefan from Helson said he will send me 3 new ball bearing inserts for free so I can fix it. That is great customer service from Helson Watches! So what I will do one I receive them is first I will check the dimensions and compare them with the genuine Omega to see if they are the same size. Next, I will test the new ones from Helson and see if they updated them to stainless steel. I didn't want to ask Stefan too many questions since they are sending me new ones for free. If the Helson bearing inserts are still not stainles steel, I will use my fishing reel bearing source who makes them in ceramic instead of steel and try to make my own with ceramic bearings. stay tuned!
  5. Update to this: A really awesome member here has recently traded some projects with me and in the package I should be getting one of the Omega ball bearing inserts and if I get a proper bezel lift tool, I will see if they are the same size used on the Henson. I wonder if I could make my own if needed once I see it up close. I believe it's a hollow cylinder with a ball bearing pushed towards one opening. What keeps the ball bearing pushed towards one opening I don't know. I assume that the cylinder has a spring inside? If so, they could be why Peter Henson could not get it all stainless steel as he would have had to have someone make the tiny cylinder, the spring, and the ball bearing all stainless steel. But what a horrible pain in the ass that such a great tool watch has a rusty part right under the bezel. I'm very disappointed of what was an almost perfect tool watch homage. If I can replace the 3 ball bearings with stainless steel, the watch is a beast and can be used in the ocean every day.
  6. Hi everyone, I was able to purchase from someone a Helson 600 Sharkmaster which is a great Omega Proplof homage but I immediately noticed a problem after using it in salwater. The ball and/or pusher springs that work with the bezel and pusher were not made of stainless steel and rust. Has anyone ever been able to change these out to stainless steel parts? Are these parts the same exact size or use the same parts as Omega? The pusher itself seems different. I go in the saltwater a lot and really thought a watch that can go 600m deep would not rust so this is very disappointing. I would love to find a solution and change out the parts to stainless steel. Even if I have to drill out where the ball bearing to to put in different ones. I guess that would be the solution? The first picture is my watch. The second picture is what I found on a forum where the person has the same problem. Very sad that Peter Helson made a great watch with a super high quality rubber strap and case but then used cheap balls/springs that rust for the bezel. It looks like the best way (if the size is right), is to use the genuine Omega ball bearing inserts. It's part 099ST0002 I believe. But I don't know if they are the same size.
  7. I want to order a genuine dial for my Helson Sharkmaster as well. Is there a website to order from? But I want a black, not blue.
  8. I feel so stupid. I figured it out but will leave the post for others. Apparently, the dials come with 6 feet and you cut off the 4 you don't need. Now it fits the movement. I've never used Seiko or NH35 parts before and can't seem to fit this dial on this NH 35A movement. How do they go in and lock on? When I purchased the movement, I was sure to check if it was for 3 o'clock position crowns and yet the dial feet don't seem to have a place to go. Am I supposed to remove the grey spacer ring first? I thought I'd check before cutting the dial feet and I don't have dial dots right now at any rate. Thanks or any help.
  9. Hi everyone. Does anyone feel like they know which Nato strap brands/providers have the best quality ballistic nylon and strap overall? I ask because I've noticed some Nato straps are made of a more silk like fabric that tears at the holes easier than others. I almost lost a prized Vostok Amphibia when I was fishing in the ocean. (I fish for tarpon and other gamefish and I do this often either on a paddleboard or standing in 4 feet of water). The nato strap tore at the hole being used by the buckle and my Amphibian fell onto the bottom in 5 feet of water on coquina rocks. Luckily, I located the watch but it was annoying that the whole point of the Nato strap not losing your watch if one spring bar pops was pointless if the nato strap material gives way. I've had other Natos that last 8 years and never tear at the holes but I don't know what brand they were or where I got them. I want to possibly wear a different watch that costs a lot more than 70 dollars so thought I'd ask what is the best Natos? The Nato needs to be 24mm wide. I need to wear a watch to tell time out in the ocean as I'm out there for 4 or 5 hours adrift on my paddleboard and obviously can't have an Iphone in salwater. I lose a lot of gear fishing this way on a ocean sized paddle board because the deck if flat. I've lost rods, reels, Go Pro cameras but finally have a system for all that. The only thing I don't want to lose now is my watch. Some interesting facts I learned about ballistic nylon. It was developed by Dupont and it was used to protect U.S. airmen from flying shrapnel/flak before the invention of kevlar. Any chance a known Dupont supplier still makes it for nato straps? I wonder if the cheap Nato I had that broke was a blend of nylon and a cheaper material. And I would guess not all ballistic nylon is equal? thanks!
  10. I just purchased a black dialed Helson 600 Sharkmaster and will get it tomorrow. I was thinking I might want to start collecting spare parts and understanding it's construction as I plan on keeping it and maybe upgrading it later. I think this relates to this thread as what fits the Helson 600 Sharkmaster like the genuine dials. 1. How is the push button the same or different from original Omega? I see on this thread people installed genuines but do you really just unscrew the Helson button and install a genuine Omega Proplof button and that's it? 2.What is the sapphire crystal from or what size is it? Is it the same as genuine or is it different? How would I find/get another crystal as a back up? 3. How is the bezel removed? I assume it can be lifted off by those professional 5 corner sharp bezel removers? Thanks!
  11. Wow, can't believe you made that case! Lovely. Anyways, the Helson versions are pretty good like you guys are saying However, the funny thing is that Ocean7 claims 4,000 feet of water resistance where the Helson only claims 2,000. Not a big deal. But another weird thing is that while the Helson looks more original, especially the back of the case, they put a weird small screw in the middle of the back of the case. Why did they do this? Also, Helson 600 sharkmasters with black dials are very rare. Most of them are blue dials and I can't stand the blue, only want black. Howe
  12. Unbelievable! I can't believe you made that case. I thought about trying but I don't fully understand the crown mechanism. Anyways, the Helson versions are pretty good like you guys are saying However, the funny thing is that Ocean7 claims 4,000 feet of water resistance where the Helson only claims 2,000. Not a big deal. But another weird thing is that while the Helson looks more original, especially the back of the case, they put a weird small screw in the middle of the back of the case. Why did they do this? Also, Helson 600 sharkmasters with black dials are very rare. Most of them are blue dials and I can't stand the blue, only want black. However, what a cool watch! And with Ocean7, they told me they don't sell a stainless LM7 anymore, only Titanium and they make you pay 100 dollars more for a black bezel. So it's the same price as a used Helson by that point whichI agree looks a little better.
  13. Cool, never heard of these, I will check it out.
  14. So they are paying for that website but not making a single watch? That's really annoying. You can add the watches to your cart and pay with Pay Pal I believe. Perhaps they are now made to order? I will investigate further. If I can sell one of my genuine Rolex movements, I will try buying one of these Ocean7 ProPlof watches and let you guys know if it works. (I'll use a credit card to order the Lm7 so worst that can happen is I don't get charged). Update. Ocean7 is simply under new ownership now from what my investigation concludes. Perhaps Ocean7 watches was not operating before the new Ownership? They have a very active Facebook page and their website seems to take orders.
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