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  1. I'm feeling so sad Cats about your current situation. I know that you have not been well for sometime.....but I always had my fingers crossed that your health would return. What I do know Is that you are one class act. After being here for sometime now I know this to be 100% fact. I have had some health issues and dealing with a aging mother. So to some degree I can relate. Life can throw us a curve ball. But your son has had a excellent example of what being a good and honest human being Is. I personally can't think of a better legacy to leave. My prayers and loving thoughts go out you and your family Cats. Godspeed my friend. Mike
  2. Happy Birthday maxman!

  3. maxman

    Has anyone ordered from watchonhere?

    Place is a joke. Stick to the trusted dealers here my friend. That doo doo hole has reps for sale that don't even exist. My favorite is the Urwerk. Mike
  4. maxman

    Hello from Seattle

    Welcome to RWG VDon. When It comes to Watch forums/communities....you won't find a better one than this awesome group of watch enthusiast. The information and knowledge here is off the chart. So it back and enjoy. Mike
  5. maxman

    Why Grocery Stores are so important

    Well at least she put the ice cream In the freezer. Now all she needs to do Is go easy on that cake.
  6. maxman

    bezel changing help

    Don't fel to bad whoever. Those Breitling bezels can be a real pita.
  7. maxman

    Graham ugly brother;)

    Not really that bad...
  8. maxman

    Avatar Goof

    Nice one Eric.
  9. maxman

    My new AP Panda 44mm!

    Now that is one bad a$$ watch. Probably my favorite AP.....awesome.
  10. How could I say no to a man who marches up and down the square,sniffing lines of cocaine from the breast of buxom brunettes? A man after my own heart that hambone. Best wishes and prayers Eric. Mike
  11. Happy Birthday maxman!

  12. maxman


    Welcome to RWG Leonardolj. I'm also from Michigan.....the Bloomfield/Birmingham area. You have joined one of the best...If not the best watch forums around. The Information and knowledge here is second to none. Read all you can....then read some more. Have fun and enjoy this awesome community. Mike
  13. Nice to see that this situation In much Improved. Mike
  14. maxman

    Smell alike fragrances

    Good to know...thanks. Also If you like Thierry Mugler's Angel Men and Pure Havane....you might want to give Animale Animale a try. It's about 1/4 the price and doesn't have that harsh top tar note that the original Angel Men has. There are many reviews on this fragrance. Try Basenotes or Fragrantica to get a Idea how others feel about AA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Axw2q-xquWA Mike
  15. Well done A. Time for me to get my sheet together. I can't even swear now....that sucks.