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  1. cheld


    O.M.G. Hammer price UNDER $500. 😲😲😲😲😲 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Watchmakers-Large-Lot-of-Omega-Parts-bezel-bracelet-parts-odd-movement-etc-/312344603920?hash=item48b9306d10%3Ag%3Ag8QAAOSwCPZcACGW&nma=true&si=t%2FdmrDVaF9m6eUYXX4vhpDDTklY%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I'll gladly take that 551x bezel ring off your hands for $50 cold hard cash 🙂
  2. cheld

    James Bond's Sub up for Auction

    It's rather humorous how the linked article describes the 5513 as "virtually indistinguishable" from the 16610. Well yeah, except for the date window, 2 vs. 4 lines of text, depth rating, steel vs. gold hands....
  3. Can you do an "Open 6 & 9" for gen 3135?
  4. cheld

    A source for Vietnamese Dials and Rolex movements

    Say hello to the "remastered" CD industry. The David Bowie reissue campaign currently underway represents the fourth time his catalogue has come out on CD (RCA, Ryko, Virgin, Parlophone).
  5. cheld

    Rolex 6542 GMT Build List and Advice

  6. cheld

    TC to 16800

    The date wheel on the 16800/3035 rotates counter-clockwise. The wheel on the 16610/3135 rotates clockwise. So you'd need a movement that rotates the opposite way from how it's setup now.
  7. cheld

    Jensen has problems

    Phong's eBay listings now say: This seller is currently away until Oct 12, 2018. If you make a purchase, there may be a delay in processing your order.
  8. cheld

    Jensen has problems

    JSeb you bring up an interesting point - I wonder if Jensen will plea bargain and flip to take down the Franken dealers on criminal charges. Perhaps the authorities are poring over Jensen's invoices to see where he sold "Highest quality professionally refinished" DRSD dials to Joe's Jewelry & Pawn....
  9. cheld

    Vintage Rolex Bracelet and Endlink Guide

    What do the references to "floods" and "mesh/meshes" mean?
  10. cheld

    Spot the fake ... ?

    Just on the tach: Look at where the triangles are pointing to the middle digits of 400/300/240/200. The text on the YG is too thin. The spacing of numbers like 80 and 90 is too wide. The "UNITS PER HOUR" font is too tall/skinny.
  11. cheld

    Rolex Wristies thread

    TC 5-digit with gen bezel assembly, dial, crown. Yes the DWO needs a fix. Not sure what version TC - can someone ID this?
  12. cheld

    Jensen has problems

    Here's a TC head... I didn't include a straight-on shot since it has gen dial and bezel assembly. Also the bracelet is not TC.
  13. cheld

    Aftermarket Fat Font Bezel Insert?

    Yes, Bart's pictures with the red lines illustrate the difference between a fat font insert and a later medium- or thin-font insert.
  14. cheld

    Aftermarket Fat Font Bezel Insert?

    On a 70s era fat font the diagonal line on the left side of the 4 makes a "turn" at the bottom. On the insert you linked to the diagonal line continues to the bottom, so it's not period-correct. The Yuki one doesn't look too good either. The numbers look too small and the bottom of the 5 is too squat (i.e. it looks like the opposite of a "long 5").