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  1. 2015 Lexus ES300h Luxury MINE MINE MINE 2017 Hyundai SantaFe Limited Ultimate FAMILY TAXI Lexus: great ride, relatively primitive electronics for a '15, WUS-friendly analog clock, 36mpg Hyundai: pedestrian ride, slick tech including 360-degree camera, RIP: 2005 MB E320CDI. Got into a fight with a doe running at full gallop. Ended in a draw. MB was driveable but cost of repairs exceeded Blue Book value, so it got traded for the Lexus. The deer bounced off the car and ended up off the other side of the road on her way to meet Bambi. I am pretty sure with a lesser car the doe would have died with her head in my lap.
  2. The seller's in Italy, so you know it's 100% genuine shinola. https://www.chrono24.com/rolex/gmt-master-6542-by-pan-am-radio-dial-bakelite-bezel--id9937328.htm
  3. Yeah the "wedge" shaped connector is supposed to give a better fit on the 501B endlink, vs. the round that was made for the 580. I found the Chrono24 listing at the top of your post - yikes $2008! Do you have the link for the other one, at the bottom of your post? Thanks!
  4. I'd just go with the components you like best. Here are some of the relevant production dates: rivet bracelet 1954-1967 applied-marker dial 1984-1989 MKIII fat font insert ~1966 - 197?
  5. I'd like to be able to put a MilSub/5517/"minute hashes all the way around" style insert in a 16610 genspec bezel. I found a couple of "No" answers on very old (2010/2012) threads and was hoping someone might have come up with one in the past seven years.
  6. With that dial, drilled lugs and open 6/9 dw you could stop and call it an '88 16610 😁.
  7. 1990 16610 had a closed 6/9 datewheel. Gen open 6/9s for 3135 are pretty hard to find.
  8. 1988 bracelet would have an M date code. K is 1986.
  9. 399 euros = a nice profit on a Viet insert. At least this one has the correct shape on the 4, which many of the 'Nam inserts don't.
  10. The 16800 came with 593s first, but then 501Bs. The 16610 came with 501Bs first. It stands to reason then that the 593 would fit the 16610.
  11. And what kind of beer I should drink when doing the fix.
  12. Reported. The "70216" on the link is a common fake indicator (and not a valid number for any Rolex part or product).
  13. PAMs are not dress watches. End of discussion.
  14. I got one of those for free from an eBay fraudster.
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