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  1. cheld

    Rolex Wristies thread

    TC 5-digit with gen bezel assembly, dial, crown. Yes the DWO needs a fix. Not sure what version TC - can someone ID this?
  2. cheld

    Jensen has problems

    Here's a TC head... I didn't include a straight-on shot since it has gen dial and bezel assembly. Also the bracelet is not TC.
  3. cheld

    Aftermarket Fat Font Bezel Insert?

    Yes, Bart's pictures with the red lines illustrate the difference between a fat font insert and a later medium- or thin-font insert.
  4. cheld

    Aftermarket Fat Font Bezel Insert?

    On a 70s era fat font the diagonal line on the left side of the 4 makes a "turn" at the bottom. On the insert you linked to the diagonal line continues to the bottom, so it's not period-correct. The Yuki one doesn't look too good either. The numbers look too small and the bottom of the 5 is too squat (i.e. it looks like the opposite of a "long 5").
  5. ARF clasp has a more accurate coronet and scrolls, but the font alignment is terrible (W in SWISS, OL in ROLEX).
  6. cheld

    16610, historical thread

    There's also a Flat-S ("ZUBMARINER") tritium (T<25) variation with round Os on lOOOft = 3OOm (italicized ft, m, and =, no serif on l).
  7. cheld

    new source for vintage rolex dials???

    Are you also making an Open 6 & 9 date wheel for gen 3135?
  8. On the Silix website they show a full 6538 watch and a "Rolex Vintage 1" case. Watch: http://www.silix-prime.org/index.php...oducts_id=2145 Case: http://www.silix-prime.org/index.php...oducts_id=4076 The watch case diameter is listed at 38mm and the case at 39.5 mm. Are these correct? My understanding was that all Silix 6538s were a millimeter or 2 larger than gen spec.
  9. cheld

    TC Sub V7

    Is TC still building Subs?
  10. cheld

    Yet another JMB 1016

    Cool... I've seen one of Whoopy's negative relief 1016s in person - the gilt looks brighter on yours!
  11. cheld

    Yet another JMB 1016

    OK so yours and Ruby's are printed gilt rather than negative-relief?
  12. cheld

    Yet another JMB 1016

    Where did you source the dial from?