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  1. Misalignment of the date wheel and the fake diamonds (look at the baguette at 6) would be enough for me to pass. Plus, the gen President platinum goes for $$$$$$. Unless you laugh when you spill red sauce on your Brioni suit, you're not going to convince anyone that your Prez is real.
  2. Oops, yeah I didn't blow up the first pic of the blue enough. Def MK3.
  3. Are you sure the first 2 are MK3s? I've always understood the MK3 to have a "bend" at the bottom left of the 4:
  4. Service dials, easy. Sub-on-top, sorta. Feet first? Forget about it! Gilt? Sell your car.
  5. Did we ever find out who supplied that nasty chipped dial?
  6. Was that the case with 3/6/9 5513s as well?
  7. It's a 6564, so too small a case to do a Sub.
  8. I fooled Santa into thinking I've been a good boy and he came through with this... So now it's time to go on the gen-spec treasure hunt. Are there Vietnam 6536 cases? I like a thin watch but I'm also a Bond fan - how about a 6538 dial with a 6536 case and crown with 1030-spec hands and a T-17*? I already have the undersized strap LOL. * If not gen, who makes the most accurate aftermarket dome?
  9. 1. The SPECTRE bezel insert has hour markers 0-11 instead of minute markers. Also the bezel is bi-directional and does not click when turned. 2. The SPECTRE dial is missing the number 12; the OMEGA Seamaster writing and logo are larger. 3. The SPECTRE second hand is a lollipop rather than a spear. 4. The SPECTRE bracelet clasp bears the 007 gun logo. 5. The SPECTRE comes with a black & grey NATO strap which also bears the 007 gun logo on one of its keepers. The black & grey strap Omega sells separately lacks the 007 logo.
  10. It's rather humorous how the linked article describes the 5513 as "virtually indistinguishable" from the 16610. Well yeah, except for the date window, 2 vs. 4 lines of text, depth rating, steel vs. gold hands....
  11. Say hello to the "remastered" CD industry. The David Bowie reissue campaign currently underway represents the fourth time his catalogue has come out on CD (RCA, Ryko, Virgin, Parlophone).
  12. The date wheel on the 16800/3035 rotates counter-clockwise. The wheel on the 16610/3135 rotates clockwise. So you'd need a movement that rotates the opposite way from how it's setup now.
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