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  1. A sincere congratulations to MOAB! Thanks for all your efforts sir!
  2. Since the 1016 is out of reach...
  3. Hang in there sir! My mom goes through dialysis every night so I understand some of what you may be dealing with. Sending positive thoughts your way.
  4. The only reason I'd let the beautiful 5513 back into the wild...
  5. Please disregard. Finally added an advert. Thanks all.
  6. Same thing has happened to me. Placed a new ad and it has expired. No options. It was a sale ad for a watch. I also received an email letting me know my new ad has expired. Thank you for your help.
  7. Very cool of you to do this. Gotta find some state side...
  8. International Watch Works does extremely expensive DLC. Motorcity Watch Works does more reasonable cerakote. http://www.motorcitywatchworks.com/Services.html
  9. @sputim - very cool of you to pick up so much the gang here. Seems like it's for the EU guys? Any advice on how to purchase some here in the states? (Apologies in advance if this is a lame question)
  10. I know, 'tis NYE's Eve [emoji6]
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