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  1. panerista1979

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Noob v2. [emoji3526] Gesendet von meinem iPhone X mit Tapatalk
  2. panerista1979

    AP Picture thread

    Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  3. panerista1979

    AP Picture thread

  4. panerista1979

    AP Picture thread

    JF with Domi AR on Bracelet.
  5. Hey Guys just wanted to share this pic I made today. Noob AP ROO 42mm Panda, Noob AP ROO RG Rubberclad 42mm, JF AP ROO Grey Themes (Elephant) 42mm, JF AP ROO 44mm Panda, BP Rolex 116655 YM RG, Noob AP ROO Black Themes 42mm, Noob V? Rolex Submariner 11660LN, Genuine Rolex 116610 LN, Noob Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi, Noob Rolex Yachtmaster 116622, JF Rolex Daytona (faux Chrono), Noob Rolex GMT 116710BLNR. That's it so far. Cheers R.
  6. panerista1979

    03-10-2016 Wrist-O-Menia

    [emoji209] on Bracelet today. Noob with some mods. [emoji4]
  7. Hi: Congratulations, that's a great Daytona. I wonder if you would mind sharing the source for a beauty like that. 







  8. panerista1979

    August 5 2016

  9. Happy Birthday panerista1979!

  10. Happy Birthday panerista1979!

  11. Happy Birthday panerista1979!

  12. Back in Business... :-p

  13. panerista1979

    PAM 187 Porn

    This had been mine some time ago and I really miss it. Spottet because there is a little flaw at the relume on the "6" at the 6 o Clock Subdial. That Strap was build from Ocram with a A8 Buckle. I have had installed a Takashi DW as well. Beautiful! I'm glad you enjoy it! Cheers R.