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  1. Hi there I've only gone and misplaced the hands whilst doing some work on my watch. I have a 6536 case. Its got an ETA 2824-2, but I never liked the hands, they are the gold ones with the small dot on the seconds hand. Can anybody recommend a decent hand set for this watch? I don't care if they're silver or gold, though I like the look of the silver. Thanks Martin
  2. Happy Birthday LondonBloke!

  3. Hi all I bought a Spinmaster 6263 from another member and I received it yesterday. I love the watch, but its causing problems already and I am wondering what to do. The watch as a manual mechanism (Converted from Asian automatic 7750 or 7760 I believe). I wound the watch 25 times when I received it and all seemed well. When I woke up this morning, the watch had lost about 30 minutes and the chronograph second hand (The second hand which would normally be a second hand on a standard watch but can only be activated by the top pusher) had moved round to the 2pm position. When I went to wind the watch again, it just sort of clicks. Can anyone give me a pointer? Thank you.
  4. Happy Birthday LondonBloke!

  5. Sorry man, its been a long day. Many thanks for your help and have a great weekend.
  6. May I ask, where did you buy the new insert from? I am looking for exactly that insert.
  7. Happy Birthday LondonBloke!

  8. Hi Yes, I bought a Mulberry Alexa for my wife. She totally loves it. I have to say, I am impressed myself. Its near perfect, it smells beautiful and it certainly does not look like a copy. I would buy from Bergie/KB without pause for thought, not cheap but totally brilliant product.
  9. I feel the same with my DSSD bracelet. The bracelet doesn't live up to the quality of the watch. The gap where the Rolex crown locks over the bracelet is uneven, the wet suit extension opens up too easy and the Rolex writing on the clasp doesn't look good. I would be very interested in understanding how I might be able to improve this.
  10. In case this helps anybody else.... I am waiting a new bezel insert from Trevor. I removed the old bezel very easily using a hair dryer and a toothpick under the pearl hole. The bezel itself was quite loose so I tried the dental floss trick, this worked a treat. All I would advise is to keep checking the bezel, adding a little bit of floss till you feel its OK. I added too much and it seem to allow the bezel to be bi-directional, I guess it was pulling the spring maybe? I plan on using tiny drops of Araldite to fix the Trevor bezel in place when it arrives (Araldite is brand in the UK, 2 part epoxy glue). I am glad I solved the loose bezel problem, it really irritated me for some reason.
  11. Thank you Rrari, very kind of you to respond. I shall take a look. I gather that the insert is glued on the DSSD as there is no flex on the ceramic to 'Snap' it in to the bezel.
  12. Hello I have read a number of threads and it appears that Trevor offers the best DSSD bezel insert? I spotted a thread where the pictures seem to have disappeared where somebody replaced the bezel and illustrated with pictures. My question is, is it easy enough to change the bezel insert or should I be leaving to the experts? I bought the watch from BK and I am delighted with the watch and the service, my only gripe was that the pearl fell off within a few hours of wearing it. I know BK is on holiday so this is not a complaint against him. I think I now want to change the whole insert, I'm right in thinking that only black is available as this is the colour of the original Rolex? Also, is it possible to make the bezel a bit tighter, it seems a little loose. Any help would be gratefully received.
  13. Thanks JKay, much appreciated
  14. Hi all Does anyone know a reliable place to buy a good quality Mulberry Alexa? Many thanks
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