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  1. Hi! Time flies -seems like yesterday that i scrolled down the watches section. Some fairly good bumps on my way, and the focus has been more on the gen watches side. Now i´m back and my intention is to sell all my replicas. Many are daliy beaters, but a few quite intresting ones as well. First pic is from my collection of gen ones. the second and the tird ones are a first climbs to my rep collection to be sold on this forum. Of course, i´ll have to first upgrade my membersihip but this as a teaser! As i am truly gratefull to this community to all the great deals i have
  2. Happy Birthday Roedrig!

  3. Happy Birthday Roedrig!

  4. Happy Birthday Roedrig!

  5. Nice and trusworthy seller. Thanks!

  6. Nice and trustworthy seller here. Thanks!

  7. Great seller. Buy with confidence!

  8. Great seller. Buy with confidence!!

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