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  1. Hi fellas, This afternoon I was on my way to meeting a friend. As I walked by an antique shop something caught my eye. I saw some vintage Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek models. But there were 2 models that really caught my eye. I did some search on the Internet and I think that they are called bubbleback. But I'm not sure because I Can't really find the exact model Now I would like to have some advise of the Rolex experts if it would be wise to buy 1 if the price allows. I didn't wanted to go in the store because I was wearing a rep AP Diver V7. I also don't want to look at it as an investment, I Just really like the look of these more than a brand new Sub. Thx in advance Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G900F met Tapatalk
  2. 10k isn't much considering the prices here in Eu for a G. I've driven the G63 for a weekend and I loved it. Only the spaces in the back was smaller than i expected but... Great buy!! Enjoy it!
  3. Only the sound would make me smile all day long and the looks... mama mia!!
  4. Not only the Breitling looks cool but that Omega
  5. Happy Birthday Nick2T!

  6. I'm starting to grow for this "Ghost" watch!
  7. There is a rep of the Pam332 by the H-factory coming so I would just sit back, relax and wait 'till it's here!
  8. if the CG bothers you, get a radiomir! Problem solved
  9. So It's finaly here! The wait is over!! http://www.1-pc8838.com/pn000n02-000n-ssle-6497-slume-p-11059.html
  10. Nick2T


    I prefer the 214! The dial is much cleaner and like said above who needs a functioning split seconds!
  11. I prefer the 214! I have scored a gen dial for it so it's leaving very soon to my watchmaker! I understand that people are not going for the "rattrapante" version, but how many time do you think a gen owner is playing with that pusher? The opencaseback, I don't care it's on my wrist so nobody sees it!
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