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  1. Hi He contacted me via PM and asked if i was interested in a vintage Explorer because i had searched for one on WTB. I was and asked if he was interested in a trade for some watches, and he was interested. I asked him about the sale to Spybbuser and he said the deal didnt work out and he got the watch back. I had no reason not to beleive him. We had a good conversation and he is/was a respected member of this forum. Regards Michael
  2. Sorry to hear he is a scammer i got this watch in early August in a trade for some watches it took some time before he sent it to me so i was a little worried, but it arrived after about 2 weeks in transfer, but we had contact all the time i tried to contact him when i received it but he never answered. Regards Michael
  3. Not a wristshot, sorry for that this is one of the watches i resently sold and i miss it Panerai El Primero
  4. It is an Akira built from 2013 This Sub has walked around at some members at this forum since Now it has a solid home in the North
  5. Buy mine instead and get a genuine Gevril very nice piece
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