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  1. I have a genuine goldwatch and some goldreps and regular soap doesnt work very good with them and actually makes them a bit dull. Cleaning gold is very different to cleaning steel. I got a ultrasonic cleaner now and some jewlery cloth (which is basically a super fine polishing compound) and achieve much better results with that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Beautiful work as always. Thank you very much for your reshaping contact, I will get in touch with him as soon as I get my watch head back from service I wish I could buy off one of those pieces from you once. I am still salty about the royal oak 14790
  3. Can you sell me one for my 5 digit 18239 franken build? Gen crown + tube, dial and sapphire This is my current case (wm9)
  4. Thank you for sharing !! Love people who are open about sources like these. Its highly likely I will buy from there
  5. Hi mate,

    I just wanted to politely ask you if you still own the Royal oak 15202 MBW and would maybe be interested in selling it?

    Now I would understand why you wouldn't want to sell this watch but I would also be very happy just to receive some pictures of that beautiful watch!

    You can also send me the pictures via mail: gamba66@gmail.com

    I would be very grateful to receive a reply.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  6. [SPOILER="Watch"] [/SPOILER] I think it looks.. like a spaceship
  7. And dont come up with the idea to use a gen bracelet and rep case, probably wont fit and even if it does it will look very bad because the gen 18k gold color is alot more yellow than the rep yellow gold which will look more like 10k and faded in comparison. Btw bracelet and case are never really cost-efficient simply because their made completely out of gold. Still they will cost alot more than the gold standard price because these are rare rolex parts. I would still just recommend you to buy a gen 5 digit, that can be bought for under 10k and are not a mix of parts but 100% genuine! Sent
  8. You most likely wont find a case, not even the bezels are really available..b And 5k is very very optimistic for both a bracelet and a case.. I dont think you can even get a 5 digit case and bracelet for that.. In any case good luck and keep us updated
  9. Im not sure I understand? You want to build a 6 digit daydate franken with a gen case and bracelet? You would be better off buying a gen daydate then because only the case and bracelet will cost you atleast 7k (probablz even closer to 10k) and even if you had that kind of money you will never able to find a spare case and bracelet for a 6 digit daydate! Even for a 5 digit daydate its extremly hard to find a spare case, let alone a spare bracelet..
  10. The 6 digit daydate weighs 30 percent more than the 5 digit one.. And gold is heavier than steel obviously. So it is pretty self explanatory why
  11. The weight of the 6 digit build is around 122 grams with all links. I know this because I have sourced a daydate with the same case. Gen weight is 178 gr. so its not comparable
  12. What is it on the rep daydate 118238 case Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. To me it looks like 42mm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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