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  1. Can you post a guide on how to shave pushers?
  2. I'm looking for solutions for the 2 biggest flaws of new ARF Daytona, pushers and caseback: do you know where I can find the proper replacement parts? Many thanks!
  3. Thanks man, same country for me... But Torobravo doesn't have the Fragment Design...
  4. I'm missing from a long time, from my first watch, took over by customs (I was fined, too)... I'm now looking for an Explorer I Fragment Design: do you have any trusted dealer (who offers trans shipping to UK) to suggest? Thank you!
  5. That's what I wanted to know. I thought that it was a caliber 72 or similar. I don't think it worth that high prices... I saw that someone uses Enicar Aqua Graph too...
  6. Did anyone tried to make a Gevril Tribeca Franken based vintage Daytona replica? It seems to need just some parts to swap...
  7. Thanks, I read somewhere of using quicksilver to remove the gold plating, or using dentists tools, but I think it's cheaper to buy a gen steel bracelet...
  8. I found one gen bracelet, but it was the gold electroplated one. Now, the plating is very damaged, is it possible to remove it and polish the bracelet to turn it to steel? Is the same matherial of the normal ones? May the 557 endlinks be changed with other ones? Thank you everybody!
  9. So, wich dial fits the Seagull? Tha 7750 ones? The genuine ones?
  10. Well, thanks... I'm thinking on it, it seems that I can't find any correct clone for around 250$...
  11. Is there a 6263 case taht would fit a Seagull T-19 movement?
  12. Right, but it's not easy to sell a 250$ fake Rolex... People like to pay 50$ for a fake...
  13. Well, I got the same watch Josh sells, but with older symmetrical case. I tried asking him a new case, but he doesn't sell it. Getting a new watch from him, will cost me 268$+70$ shipping, as I live in Italy and I need transhipping to UK to avoid Italian customs. I hoped to find just the case...
  14. Thank, but I have been misunderstood... I already bought an ST-19 Daytona from timeshops, but he has only "old" symmetrical pushers. I would like to buy a new case, glass and outter ring. I.E. I would buy a DW case: where to find it?
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